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How to Crack General Studies for BPSC 2021 Mains Exam?

Updated on 19 April 2021
Observer IAS
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Updated on 19 April 2021

The BPSC Mains exam will be conducted on 5th June 2021. As the exam is approaching, candidates must speed up their BPSC preparation process and get ready to ace this exam. However, you must be well aware of the fact that preparing for such tough competitive exams is not a cakewalk. You need a proper study approach along with hard work to excel in such exams. Apart from this, the general studies paper for your BPSC mains exam is one of the most important sections that you need to prepare. This is because this section can be tricky but with a proper approach, you can score well in this paper. 

The weightage given to General studies-1 is 300 marks while on the other hand, General Studies-2 is 300 marks. So in total, this section weighs 600 marks which is very high and hence you must dedicate maximum time and effort to study for the GS paper. In this article, we will help you to crack your General studies paper for the BPSC mains exam easily. So let’s dive into some important tips to study and excel in this paper. 

BPSC Preparation for General Studies Paper (Mains 2021) 

Planning is very important 

When you are preparing for General studies paper, it is important that you plan your preparation strategy and then proceed accordingly. First and foremost, get well aware of the GS syllabus and paper pattern. Then list out the topics that you wish to complete in a day and in the coming time and only then start your BPSC preparation. We suggest you start your mains preparation along with your BPSC prelims examination only. Planning beforehand will help you stay organized and keep track of your syllabus completion. 

Make a study Routine 

Planning and study routine go hand in hand. A study routine will help you to complete your BPSC syllabus on time and manage your day-to-day activities effectively. So make a study routine and follow it religiously to stay on track till the end of your BPSC exam journey. Make a study routine that gives an equal amount of time to each GS topic as well as some time to take breaks in between as well. 

Practice Answer Writing 

As mains is a descriptive paper, you need to pay special attention to answer writing. Many candidates lack answer writing skills and so they fail to score good marks in their GS paper. Well, we would suggest you practice writing answers on a daily basis to get well acquainted with the answer writing format. If you are confused and cannot figure out the correct approach to practice your answer writing skills then you can also take help from the BPSC GS course online

Online courses are a great way to study with the help of expert educators where they teach you various important tips and strategies to ace your paper easily. Along with that, the educators will also help you out with doubt solving on a daily basis where you can interact one on one with them. 

Time Management is essential 

Your BPSC General studies papers (I & II) comprises of 3 hrs each. Hence, you need to learn time management to complete your entire paper on time without missing out on any questions. Hence, set a timer daily while you practice your answer writing. Plan and dedicate a particular amount of time to each question and try completing your answer within that time frame. As we mentioned above, you can also take the help of the BPSC GS course to learn to write effective answers in a stipulated amount of time.

Follow a proper Approach 

A dedicated approach is very necessary when it comes to preparing for your BPSC GS paper. Without a proper approach, you cannot fulfill your vision of clearing this exam on the first attempt. So we are providing a proper study approach to crack your BPSC GS paper below. 

  1. The first step is to be aware of your BPSC GS syllabus and paper pattern so that you are acquainted with your entire exam. 
  2. Make a study plan and then start with your BPSC preparation. 
  3. Refer to a limited number of sources while studying. Focus more on the NCERT books followed by the reference books which we have mentioned below in this article.
  4. While practicing answer writing, keep your answer short and to the point. Include more facts, figures and practical data as possible in your answers. 
  5. Reading news is very crucial so do not miss a day without reading the daily news. 
  6. Practice from previous year’s question papers and mock tests to boost your preparation.
  7. If you feel self-study is not enough, you can take help from BPSC online course to study with proper guidance and notes. 

Study from Proper Reference Books 

Reference books play an important role while preparing for the GS paper. You need to refer to limited and standard books so that you do not end up wasting your time trying to figure out the correct books. We are mentioning some of the useful books for your GS paper below. 

Best Reference Books for BPSC General studies 

  1. NCERTs- You need to read the NCERTs books without fail to master your basics. Refer to NCERT books of class 6th to 12th. 
  2. Read Newspapers and magazines on daily basis and give special emphasis to Bihar related news. Refer to The Hindu or The Indian Express newspapers and magazines such as Yojana, Kurukshetra and India Year Book. 
  3. Indian Polity- M. Laxmikanth 
  4. History of Medieval India- Satish Chandra
  5. History of Modern India- Bipin Chandra 
  6. Economy- Ramesh Singh 
  7. Geography- Majid Hussain

If you have enrolled in any BPSC online course, then you can also refer to the customized notes provided by the coaching. 


Revision is of utmost importance while preparing for the BPSC exam. You need to dedicate an hour to revision on a regular basis to ensure that you do not forget the concepts that you learn daily. 

To conclude, the above-mentioned tips will help you to crack your BPSC General studies on the first attempt. The key here is to practice and revise on a daily basis. In case you enroll in any BPSC online course then make sure that the course is reliable and provides you all the necessary guidance and study material for your BPSC exam. All the best!

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