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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For BPSC Exam

Updated on 11 May 2021
Observer IAS
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Updated on 11 May 2021

The BPSC exam is one of the most prestigious exams that is conducted to fill various posts in the state PCS. Clearing this exam on the first attempt is not an easy task as the level of this exam is quite high. Along with this, the competition for the BPSC exam is also tough. In such scenarios, it becomes of utmost importance to study carefully and avoid silly mistakes that will impact your marks. Candidates must know that a single mark can make or break their dream of cracking this exam on the first attempt and securing a job in the state PCS. 

So, before you get started with your BPSC journey, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to avoid certain mistakes while preparing for your BPSC exam. In this article, we are going to enlist some of the common mistakes that candidates make while preparing for their BPSC exam and how to avoid them. 

Common Mistakes to avoid while BPSC Preparation 

Not Referring to the BPSC Syllabus 

Before starting with your BPSC preparation, the most important step is to refer to the complete syllabus. Many candidates often make the mistake of directly starting their preparation rather than reading their syllabus first. This is not a good approach to start your exam preparation as the syllabus plays an important role in your entire BPSC exam. The syllabus of BPSC is quite huge and so you must first read the syllabus carefully and note down the topics that are expected in the exam and only then proceed with your preparation. 

Poor Time Management 

Preparing for your BPSC exam especially with a vast syllabus is definitely not a cakewalk. Many candidates do not understand the importance of time management and so they fail to complete their entire BPSC syllabus on time. It is important to remember that time is very precious when appearing for such high-level competitive exams. Hence, to complete the entire syllabus on time without any hassle, candidates should practice time management without fail. 

Not Making a Study Time Table 

Making a study timetable is very necessary as that will help you to stay organized, keep track of your learning and manage your entire BPSC preparation within a time frame. Many candidates start their preparation without making a study timetable. Hence, they fail to manage their studies and follow a proper study routine required to ace this exam easily. So, we suggest that candidates do not neglect the power of a study timetable as that will be quite beneficial for them for staying on track. 

Referring to Various Reference Books 

There are too many reference books that are available for BPSC aspirants however referring to too many books can hinder your preparation. You might get confused from referring to these books and end up wasting your time. So it is advised that candidates refer to limited books. First and foremost, refer to NCERT books and only then move to standard textbooks. If you have enrolled in any BPSC online course then you can also refer to the notes provided by the coaching as they are very helpful in your exam preparation. 

Not Paying attention to Current Affairs 

The current affairs section is gaining a lot of importance in the BPSC exam. Each year almost 10-15 questions are asked related to current affairs. However, many candidates take this paper lightly. You must pay attention to this section and read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis to become familiar with the events happening in and around the world and Bihar. If you lack a proper understanding or approach for this section then you can also enroll for the BPSC GS course online as that will help you to prepare for this section easily. 

No Answer Writing Practice 

Writing effective answers for your BPSC Mains exam is very important. You need to answer each question from the point of view of a State PCS aspirant. Many candidates do not practice writing answers for their mains paper and hence they lack a proper understanding of the questions asked in the exam. However, you need to practice writing answers beforehand so that it will easier for you to attempt your mains paper without any obstacle. 

Choosing the Wrong BPSC Online Classes 

Many candidates take the help of BPSC Online classes for their exam preparation. However, many of them often make the mistake of choosing the wrong classes. Candidates should ensure that the classes are reliable for their exam preparation as it can impact their results. We suggest you compare various online classes, check the pricing, read student’s testimonials (if any), check the course rating and talk to the educators who will guide you throughout the course. This will make things easier for you and help you score good marks in the exam. 


Candidates who are preparing for their BPSC exam should keep the above-mentioned points in mind. Remember that these mistakes can impact your preparation and in turn your dream of clearing this exam on the first attempt. Along with this, do not forget to refer to the previous year’s question papers and dedicate enough time to revision. These factors will surely help you succeed in your BPSC exam. Good luck!

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