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Virtual Learning Advice: Tips For Parents To Help Kids Study At Home

Updated on 17 May 2021
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Updated on 17 May 2021

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents” - Jane D. Hull

This quote holds true as the role of parents in their child’s upbringing as well as towards their success is beyond imagination. Children tend to observe and learn from their parents and consider them as their role models. In case of learning, the biggest task for parents as of now is to help their children in learning virtually. 

The sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic shook the world. All the schools, colleges and educational institutions were shut down overnight. This resulted in the rise of online learning in the education sector. Virtual learning, in simple terms, means learning online with the help of the internet and a learning management system. Though online learning was seen as an unpopular choice of learning, there is no other way out to continue learning. 

Hence, online learning has become the only form of learning in this pandemic. There are many challenges that are faced by both students and teachers to adapt to this approach. However, parents need to equally pay attention and engage in their child’s day-to-day learning to help them make the most of their virtual learning. 

So, through this article, we have come up with certain tips that will help parents to keep their kids on track and help them study at home during this pandemic. 

7 Tips for Parents to help Kids study at Home 

Set up a Learning Environment/Space 

Children need a separate learning space that will help them stay focused and concentrate on their studies. The environment in which they learn is very important. Therefore, parents need to make a personal learning space for their children at home. The environment should encourage them to study better and take interest in their learning. For example, you can simply set up a chair and table in a corner of your room where there are no distractions. To make it more interesting you can take your child’s advice and redecorate the space taking into consideration their likes and dislikes. 

Set Goals and Establish Ground Rules 

The attention span of kids is quite less especially if they are learning online. As there is no one to monitor them chances are they might get distracted or skip their classes. So it is important that you set certain rules and goals that should be accomplished by your child. This can be as simple as not allowing them to use mobile phones or instructing them to jot down their notes while learning online. Lastly, monitor their learning goals on a daily basis. 

Set a Learning Schedule

Making a learning schedule is very essential to complete the daily online learning classes on time and to dedicate time to self-study. Parents should make a flexible study timetable for their children as that will help them to stay in tune with their studies as well as their daily routine. 

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Be in Touch with the Teachers

Parents should not forget that teachers are the main pillars for their child’s learning progress. So, parents should be in constant touch with their teachers. Proper communication between parents and teachers will be enough for a child’s success in virtual learning as well as in their overall curriculum. You can take frequent feedback about your child’s learning, ask for tips from teachers to teach your child at home or simply ask them to guide you towards the betterment of your child in learning. 

Try to inculcate game-based learning 

To help children stay engaged in their learning, parents should include fun and interesting activities. Students enjoy playing games so you can include this approach in their daily learning as well. There are many websites and apps available online that helps students learn while playing games. You can either go for this approach or you can make one for your child. One simple example of this could be to make flashcards at home and let them study using those flashcards. 

Help them avoid Distractions

As we stated earlier, the attention span of children is very less when learning online. They can indulge in various distractions so to avoid this you need to help them stay away from distractions. This can be implemented by giving breaks at regular intervals, turning laptop and mobile notifications off and so on. 

Spare some Time for Breaks 

You should allot enough amount of time to your children for taking breaks in between their online studies. The major reason is the blue light emitted by the laptop/mobile can be quite harmful to their eyes. Another reason is that children might get exhausted after attending lectures for a long time and it may hamper their memory. So you must allow them to take frequent breaks in between their studies. 

To conclude, virtual learning will remain with us for a quite long time as the covid-19 pandemic continue to get worst. In such a situation, parents must support their children by making things easier for them while studying online. Follow the above-mentioned tips and help your children succeed in their online learning. Good luck!

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