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Challenges in Government TET 2020 Exams

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

The number of aspirants every year attempts for Government exams like SSC CGL. But only some of them are able to crack it. The ratio is relatively low because of the many challenges faced by aspirants during the course of preparation. 

Some of the major challenges are:

  • Lack of understanding of particular exam: 

Let’s say if you are preparing for SSC CGL 2020 Exam. You must first find out what is SSC CGL? Or what is the CGL full form? What is the syllabus for the exam and what are the other requirements and details regarding the exam.

  • Lack of motivation: Many students appear for the exam because of family or peer pressure.
  • Lack of self-discipline
  • Not understanding  your own capabilities
  • Poor preparation strategy
  • Lack of proper research or study material.
  • Lack of proper guidance

SSC CGL Reasoning SSC CGL Reasoning

The SSC CGL syllabus includes verbal and non- verbal types of reasoning. The technique to solve both types of questions in the exam is different.

Verbal reasoning: The questions related to the English language and grammar comes under purview of verbal reasoning like passage reading.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving verbal reasoning questions in exam:

  1. Read the questions carefully.
  2. Understand instructions along with questions.
  3. Manage your time according to the number of questions asked in the exam.
  4. Do not waste too much time on a single question.
  5. Attempt the question when the answer is sure. Don’t go by assumptions.
  6. Work hard on vocabulary by reading newspapers, novels, magazines, etc.
  7. Practice grammar rules on a daily basis.
  8. Keep on practicing through mock tests.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: this type of questions use visual information to test problem-solving skills of candidates in the examination like questions on mirror image, puzzles, etc.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving non-verbal reasoning     questions in exam:

  1. Read the question and instructions carefully.
  2. Mark the visual information thoroughly.
  3. Manage your time according to the type of information provided in the question: Take your time to analyze the information where the visuals are more complex.
  4. Make the notes of key concepts related to non- verbal reasoning: Like notes on directions, reflections, etc.
  5. Enhance your logical thinking by solving puzzles or by playing Sudoku.
  6. Practice is the key: keep on practicing through mock tests, last year question papers, etc.

SSC Mathematics

In SSC CGL examination, mathematics or quantitative aptitude questions are asked to test the numerical ability or number sense of a candidate.

Tips to overcome the challenges of solving mathematics questions in exam:

  1. Read the questions and instructions related to negative marking carefully.
  2. Manage your time and do not waste too much time on one question.
  3. Prepare the basics of each topic from the syllabus in detail and make revision notes handy.
  4. Try to create or learn shortcuts to solve questions that will save time in the exam.
  5. Remember all the formulas, tables and important information on fingertips. 
  6. Don’t go by your assumptions or instincts in mathematics.
  7. Analyze your preparation from time to time.
  8. Practice is the mantra.
  9. Solve mock tests and last year’s question papers.
  10. Keep your calm.

All the best to All the aspirants UPSE 2020 SSC CGL 2020 !

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