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Role of Parents to help students succeed in their online learning

Updated on 21 May 2021
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Updated on 21 May 2021

The role of parents in their child’s education is vital. Children tend to imitate and learn from their environment and surroundings. Hence, to ensure their success, parents must build a supportive and nurturing environment for them. We know that the shift of traditional education to online education took no time as all the schools and educational institutions had to shut overnight. The entry of online learning across the world due to the covid-19 pandemic caused a state of confusion and panic among students as they had no idea how things work online.

In such a scenario, it becomes difficult for the children to stay focused and give their best to their learning. So, parents must help kids succeed in their online learning. We know that parents have a lot of responsibilities like working from home, doing household chores, handling their children, etc. Juggling between these things becomes daunting for parents as they have to manage everything on their own. Hence, in this article, we will enlist some of the important tips for parents which will help them in guiding and supporting their children in their online learning.


How to Help Students Succeed in their Online Learning?

 Set a Daily Plan

Setting a daily plan will help children to understand the flow of their online learning. Parents should make a daily plan for their kids and allot the time of learning as well as daily activities. While making a plan, remember to balance your kid’s learning and break timings equally. Setting a plan will help them stay on track with their learning and balance their daily routine with ease.


Set a Learning Environment

Creating a feasible learning environment for your kids is very necessary. There might be things that may distract them or simply cause them to disengage in their learning. Also, as they are learning from home, there are chances that they might easily lure into watching TV, checking their smartphones or playing in between their online classes. So, parents must set up a separate learning environment for their kids. Simply, create a space with a chair and table in the corner of your room where kids can concentrate on their learning.

Help Them Get Aware of Technology

Online learning can be overwhelming for children. Getting to know the online learning platform is the biggest challenge that students have to face when they learn online. Hence, parents must help them to get acquainted with the technology. You can help them understand how the platform works, how to tune into their online classes or simply how to submit their homework using the platform.

Motivate them

A small motivation goes a long way especially for kids who are finding it difficult to adjust to a new learning environment. Parents must motivate their kids to learn online and help them achieve their learning goals. You can find other engaging ways to motivate your kids like play educational games, storytelling, quizzes, etc.


Stay Connected with Teachers  

Parents must stay connected with the school and the teachers to ensure their child’s learning is on the correct track. Not only parents but teachers play an equally important role in the learning of children. So parents must make sure to stay in touch with teachers and check-in on their child’s learning progress from time to time. It can be as simple as discussing the challenges and success of their children with their teachers over calls or emails. Parents must also stay aware and learn more about the updates that schools are providing related to online learning or upcoming parent-teacher meeting.


Identify their Learning challenges

This is one of the most important virtual learning advises that parents must follow to help their kids excel in their learning. They should identify their child’s learning challenges and help them overcome those easily. Here, communication plays an essential role so parents need to communicate with their children and understand the obstacles that they face while online learning. There can be multiple obstacles that a child may face while learning like-

·    Not able to handle learning platform

·    Unable to understand the topic taught by their teachers

·    Lot of distraction in the surrounding or

·    Poor internet connectivity


Understand their learning challenges and put them at ease by assuring them to provide the solution to the same.


Give them Enough Breaks

Learning online can be tiresome after a certain point of time so parents must ensure that children take enough amount of breaks in between their online classes. Along with that, they must not watch their mobile/laptop screen for a long time as it can harm their eyes. So, parents must include break time in their kid’s learning schedules. Not only this, but they can dedicate some of their time to playing with their kids or simply asking them about their day. This will help kids to stay motivated and fresh while learning online.

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To conclude, online learning can be tough for some kids as compared to traditional learning. Moreover, it will take time for them to get adjusted to the online environment. So parents must do their part by helping their kids in whatever way they can to ensure that they learn smoothly. As the quote goes, “Children Learn More from what you are than what you teach”- W.E.B Dubois. Similarly, children learn a lot from their parents so they must create a positive environment for them and encourage them to embrace their online learning approach.




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