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Tips To Create An Effective Timetable And The Importance Of Timetable In Class 12th

Updated on 15 June 2021
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Updated on 15 June 2021

Class 12 is one of the most important exams in a student’s life as it becomes the deciding factor for their future career. Based on their class 12th marks, students can opt for their desired graduation courses and study from their dream university. Hence, clearing this class with flying colors is of utmost importance as it plays a major role in shaping a student’s career. Not to mention, students are under tremendous pressure to prepare for their class 12th exam. So, to ensure that you ace your class 12th commerce exam, the most important aspect that you must consider is a timetable. Students must make a class 12 timetable as it will help them in completing their syllabus on time and keep track of their learning. 

As we are well aware of the fact that the covid-19 pandemic has shut the functioning of all educational institutions. Students are instructed to continue their learning via online mode. Hence, with online learning coming into the picture, you must ensure that your self-study and online classes do not clash with each other. For this purpose, you must create a timetable for study at home as it will help you to be in tune with your learning and complete all your subjects within a certain time frame. 

Before proceeding further, let us first understand the importance of a timetable for class 12 commerce students followed by some of the things that you must consider to make an effective timetable for study. 

Importance of Class 12 Timetable

  1. A timetable will help students to stay organized as they can figure out how and what to study on a daily basis. As there are too many subjects that need to be covered, students can easily draft a timetable where they can allot an equal amount of time for each subject and complete those without any hassle.

  1. A timetable also helps students to avoid any confusion related to their studies. Students can easily refer to their timetable and complete their learning daily. 

  1. A class 12 timetable will help students stay on track with their learning and know their progress from time to time. Students can figure out their strengths and weaknesses and change their timetables accordingly. 

  1. The best part about making a timetable is that you can always make a flexible timetable as per your learning pace and other activities. You can easily manage your daily routine, attend your online classes, dedicate time for self-study and take breaks in between your learning. 

Things to consider before making a Class 12 Timetable

The power of an effective timetable cannot be neglected however you should make sure that you draft a reliable timetable that will prove beneficial for you. There are certain things that you must keep in your mind while making a class 12 timetable which we shall discuss below. 

  1. Create a personalized Timetable - Students should solely focus on their strengths and weaknesses and then draft a timetable for themselves. You need to customize your timetable according to your daily schedule and make sure that it suits you the best. 

  1. Focus on Difficult Subjects - Students should pay attention to subjects that they are weak in and allot enough time to those subjects in their timetable. 

  1. Align it with your Learning Goals - You should always align your timetable with your learning goals as that will help you accomplish your daily learning target on time. 

  1. Spare Time for Revision - Students must not forget to allot time for revision in their class 12 timetable as it will help them to remember and retain whatever they have learned the entire day. 

  1. Make Changes whenever required - Students must feel free to make changes in their timetable whenever required. You must not create a rigid timetable for yourself and instead create a flexible one that you can follow easily. 

  1. Give Enough Time for Breaks - Breaks are an essential part of any learning routine as they help you relax and refresh your mind. So, you must dedicate enough time to breaks in your timetable. 

Now, coming to the timetable, take a look at the complete daily timetable for class 12 commerce students below.

Students can always customize and draft a timetable according to their learning needs. Along with the timetable, make sure that you possess the complete class 12 commerce booklist as books are the supporting pillars for your exam preparation. Lastly, do not forget to follow your timetable religiously as that will help you excel in your class 12 exams easily. All the best!

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