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Exciting Career Opportunities for students after Class 12 PCM

Updated on 21 June 2021
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Updated on 21 June 2021

You have cleared your class 12 PCM with good scores and there are a lot of career opportunities that are right in front of you. Now the next most essential step that you need to take is to choose the best career option for yourself. Students must understand that this is the most important decision of their lives as it will prove to be a turning point for them. However, we understand that deciding the best career for yourself is a daunting task especially with tons of options available out there. So, students need not worry about it, through this article we will list down some of the best career options after your class 12.

Best Career Options after class 12 PCM 

B.E/ B.Tech 

Engineering is one of the most popular and common career choices for class 12 PCM students. This is an evergreen field as engineering has a lot of scope in the Indian as well as foreign market. To get admission into prestigious colleges/universities, students need to clear an entrance exam known as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). This exam is a gateway for students to get entry into top engineering colleges. After completing their B.E/B.Tech, you can work as an engineer in many top-most companies. 

Salary- 3 to 12 lakhs per annum (Depending on the work experience) 

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) 

Bachelor of Science opens up vast opportunities for individuals. There are various fields in B.Sc such as Mathematics, Information technology, Physics, Chemistry, etc. You can either pursue a specialization in your favorable niche or simply opt for B.Sc if you are interested to specialize in the Science subject. B.Sc courses are often for a duration of three years and there are various job opportunities for each course. For Example, a B.Sc I.T graduate can work as a software developer whereas a B.Sc Chemistry individual can work as a Lab Chemist.  

Salary- 2 to 10 lakhs per annum (Depending on the work experience)

Bachelor of Computer Application

Bachelor of Computer Application purely focuses on various applications related to computer science. It is an undergraduate degree for a duration of 3 years. After completion of this degree, students can apply to various IT companies and work as Software developers or programmers. 

Salary- 2 to 8 lakhs per annum ( (Depending on the work experience)

Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture is one of the most lucrative career options for class 12 PCM students as after completing this degree, this can work in interior designing and planning, landscape/building architecture and so on. It is a five-year full-time course that focuses on various aspects of interior designing, planning, management, etc. To pursue this course, students need to clear NATA or JEE entrance exam. Depending on their scores, they can get admission into reputed architecture colleges. One can also pursue a diploma or specialization course for added advantage or career growth. 

Salary- 4 to 10 lakhs per annum (Depending on the work experience)

Commercial Pilot 

Commercial pilot is one of the coolest and sought-after career options for class 12 PCM students. It is also ranked as one of the highest-paying jobs in India. Students can simply opt for commercial pilot training courses after their 12th PCM. However, the minimum cut-off mark for acquiring this training is 45-50% in PCM. This is a compulsory criteria that students need to fulfill to get their pilot training. The total duration of the training is 4-5 years depending on the flying hours. 

Salary- 5 to 12 lakhs per annum (Depending on the work experience)


Students who are interested in joining the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce can opt for NDA as their career. It requires a lot of hardwork, patience and dedication to excel in the defence field. Individuals have to go through hardcore training before actually joining NDA. Students can easily opt for NDA after their class 12 PCM by clearing the NDA examination which is conducted each year. 

Salary- 6 to 20 lakhs per annum (Depending on the post) 

Government Jobs 

Apart from NDA, candidates can also opt for various government jobs such as SSC CHSL, SSC Stenographer, RRB, etc. Government jobs attract a lot of youth due to the various perks that it provides to an individual such as work-life balance, job security, allowances, etc. Students need to note that, they can find all the exam-related details on the official website of each of these examinations. 

Salary- 3 to 10 lakhs per annum (Depending on the post and experience) 

The above-mentioned courses are some of the best career options available for students after their class 12 PCM. Now, students need not wonder and end up in a confused state of mind to find jobs after 12th science. Remember that, class 12 opens up tons of career opportunities and so it is important that you prepare and excel in your class 12 examinations. Make a study timetable and refer to the best reference books as that will help you to boost your preparation and stay organized throughout your examination. All the best! 

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