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How To Be Focused? Need Help Staying Focused - Try These 10 tips

Updated on 02 August 2021
dipshika shrivastava
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Updated on 02 August 2021

How to be focused? This might be a common question among many individuals who are struggling in their daily life to concentrate on their personal and professional activities. Staying focused is the biggest concern for many as it hinders the ability to get the work done promptly. You must know that various factors lead you to distractions thereby affecting your entire productivity. To be healthy both mentally and physically, you must improve your concentration power. So, through this article, we will help individuals stay focused by listing some of the effective tips below. 

Top 10 Tips to stay focused 

Stay away from Distractions 

One of the most common reasons behind losing your focus is distractions. There may be many distractions that you face in your daily life however you need to avoid those to stay focused. Some of the things that you can do to avoid distractions are as follows

  1. Turn off your phone notifications 
  2. Work in a quiet area/ Create a separate space for your daily activities at your home
  3. Do not use social media in between your work
  4. Inform your friends or family member to not distract you till your work is completed 
  5. Turn off your computer notification during the work 

Drink Coffee (in small amounts)

Many research suggests that drinking coffee in a particular amount tends to improve your mental performance. The caffeine which is present in the coffee acts as a simulation to your mind which improves your concentration and alertness. Hence, to stay focused, you must drink coffee in small amounts. However, remember that excessive caffeine intake can also hinder your ability to think clearly and will mess up your ability to stay focused. 

Indulge in Pomodoro Technique

Some experts suggest that using the Pomodoro technique can boost your focus. To try this technique all you need to do is work continuously for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes. Do this for four consecutive rounds and then take a long break for around 20-30 minutes. This technique trains your brain to stay focused on a particular task for a short period of time. 

Take Regular Breaks in between  

You must take regular breaks from your work to avoid mental burnout and stress. The most crucial aspect is to give ample breaks to your mind to know how to be focused. This will help improve your overall efficiency and reduce any kind of stress. Many types of research have suggested that taking breaks improves your concentration and focus and increases your creativity. You can simply use this leisure time to involve in your favorite activities like reading, listening to music, or playing games. 

Plan a Healthy Diet 

To know how to be focused, you also need to carefully plan your entire diet. Having an imbalanced meal can impact your concentration and in turn affect your overall mental health. Stay hydrated and eat enough amount of green vegetables, dry fruits, fish, fruits, and coffee/tea (in moderate amounts). Food intake is also a major factor that you need to consider while improving your focus so we suggest you maintain a healthy diet. 

Get a Good Sleep 

Insufficient sleep can lead to memory loss and affect your concentration power. Hence, you must sleep for a minimum of 7-8 hours daily. Take a look at some of the things that you can do to boost your sleep schedule below 

  1. Avoid screen time at least an hour before your sleep.
  2. Indulge in soothing activities such as reading, a warm bath, or listening to some calm music. 
  3. Do not drink coffee during your sleep time as it will disbalance your entire sleep cycle.  

Meditate Daily 

Meditation improves your focus, decision-making skills, and patience while keeping you away from negative thoughts, stress, intolerance, etc. It is necessary to meditate every day to focus better on your daily activities. Dedicate at least 15-20 minutes minimum to meditation and a maximum of 30-45 minutes for better results. 

As the saying goes ”The body benefits from fitness and the mind benefits from stillness

Make a Schedule or To-Do List 

Making a schedule or a to-do list will help you organize and prioritize your important tasks and stay calm mentally. You may be juggling multiple tasks in a day and so to stay in the right mind while getting your work done you need to organize your tasks. It is one of the best solutions to know how to be focused on the whole day and easily manage your tasks. Note that while making a schedule, always put the important tasks on priority so that you will be able to focus and finish those tasks quickly. 

Divide Your Work into Smaller Tasks

You must divide your workload into smaller tasks. This will benefit you to stay focused on a single task at a particular time and then move on to the next task. Your thoughts will remain sorted and you can easily focus on one thing at a time. As mentioned above, making a schedule or to-do list will help you achieve your goals and improve your concentration. 

Stay Away from Social Media 

Let’s face it, when it comes to social media, we tend to waste our precious time scrolling on various social media platforms. This reduces our productivity and ability to concentrate which hinders our performance. We get sidetracked from our activities and procrastinate to complete our work on time. So, to avoid this, you must stay away from social media. While finishing up your work, switch off all your social media notification to avoid getting distracted. 

To conclude, there might be many distractions along the way, however, you need to try your best to focus on your tasks. We have mentioned some of the effective tips above that will help you accomplish your tasks smoothly and focus on your work without getting distracted. You can easily use these to know how to be focused and ace at your daily tasks/routine. 

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