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OMR based exams: A convenient option for students

Updated on 16 September 2021
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Updated on 16 September 2021

Covid 19 has changed the concept of remote learning for students and remote learning has its challenges. It is almost a year of virtual learning, educational institutes have started getting the hang of it. Students have realized that if they can learn at home, they can give a test at home, which means students can attempt from anywhere and anytime. Industry leaders have realized that student’s perspective regarding education has altered. Students are learning in their own space. They are taking advantage of both school learning and impersonal training module. 

As far as examination authority is concerned they are dependent on the OMR-based examination for conducting fair exams. It has brought advancement in the education industry. OMR software is used extensively in the market for conducting seamless exams. It reads data from the OMR sheet. The use of the OMR technique is the most preferred technique used by educators. Educational institutes have evolved in many years with OMR software, it has become easier for the teachers to record student’s data and evaluate answer sheets. Universities were concerned about how will they save student's data, so OMR-based examinations are developing to maintain the authenticity of the exam and transparency in recording student’s data. 

OMR based Examination: School’s Perspective 

OMR software can be used for various purposes in schools, some of them are as follows: 

  1. Application and Admission Forms: Every year school receives numerous applications every year doing it manually is a horrendous task. Designing OMR based application makes it easier for simplifying the admission process and extract relevant information. 
  2. Checklists: Checklists are critical for schools at every stage. Keeping an inventory check is crucial with OMR software it becomes easier to analyze the changes. 
  3. Attendance: Attendance is not a casual thing, many academic decisions are based on it. It is more convenient to mark attendance on OMR. Collecting data with technology is simple than doing it manually. 

What makes it viable for schools? 

  1. Accuracy: OMR software offers 100% accuracy in reading and scanning of the OMR sheets 
  2. Speed: It is easy to process a large volume of OMR sheets with OMR software in less time frame with complete accuracy. 
  3. Flexibility: OMR software lets you design sheets according to your requirement with proper customization. It can be merged with your system, also it can support any printer or scanner, and can scan multiple sheets. 

OMR based exams: student’s perspective 

Online examinations are becoming popular these days with many universities and colleges. As far as students’ perspective is concerned, they need not write long answers now. Students can mark their answers on the virtual answers sheet. Also, they can give the exam from their remote location. The traditional examination takes lots of time and effort in conducting exams, setting up the examination, and students are required to write long answers. As far as security is concerned, OMR software is apt for maintaining security during the examination. The modern technology to conduct exams avoids any kind of cheating and fraud. The webcam captures a picture of the candidate and ensures complete accuracy during the examination. 

An OMR-based examination is playing a significant role in improving the education and gathering of data. Evaluating the student’s knowledge and analyze data is a painless process. 

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