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RRB NTPC Syllabus: General Awareness

Updated on 11 September 2020
RRB 2020-21 (Railway Jobs)
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Updated on 11 September 2020

The Railway Recruitment Board has not released the RRB NTPC 2020 exam date till now. Aspirants need to wait for some more time to get the information about important RRB NTPC 2020 dates like notification date, the start date of online application form submission, etc.

The General Awareness topic requires lots of practice to score well in the exam. So the candidates must enroll for regular practice tests or mock tests available online. 

Some of the important topics covered under RRB NTPC General Awareness syllabus are as follows:

  1. Analogies: This is part of verbal reasoning. The questions under this topic are asked to find the similarities of logical relations.
  2. Completion of Number and alphabetical Series: These are some of the simple questions in general awareness. Where candidates are asked to find the missing sequence of a series.
  3.  Coding and Decoding: In these types of questions information is given in disguised form and candidates need to decipher the correct information.  
  4.  Mathematical Operations: These are one of the scoring topics under the general awareness syllabus. The questions are asked on basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, etc or relational operators like less than, greater than, etc. 
  5. Similarities and Differences: The questions are asked to find similar or different information within the question given.
  6.  Relationships: In this type of verbal reasoning questions are asked on blood relationship.
  7.  Analytical Reasoning: This is one of the most important topics covered under the general awareness syllabus. The questions are asked to check the ability of candidates to understand different types of quantitative and qualitative information or pattern.
  8. Syllogism: In this part of general awareness topic candidates are required to infer a conclusion
  9. Jumbling: In this topic, the information given is not in the proper sequence. One needs to arrange the information in proper order to answer the questions. 
  10. Venn Diagrams: These questions are asked to check the logical understanding of candidates. The Venn diagram is used to represent the relationship between different information and objects.
  11. Puzzle: This type of question’s solution is based on mathematical calculation or logical processing.
  12. Data Sufficiency: In these question candidates required to find whether the given information is complete to answer the question or not. Here calculations are not necessarily required. 
  13. Statement- Conclusion: These questions are asked to check the interpretation ability of candidates. Here the candidates are required to find out different possible outcomes from the given statements.
  14. Statement-Courses of Action: This topic of general awareness syllabus checks the judging ability of candidates. These questions are based on real administrative actions. 
  15. Decision Making: Here the candidates are asked to derive a decision from a given set of information under a particular situation.
  16. Maps: These questions check the ability of a candidate to understand and interpret geographical information correctly.  
  17. Interpretation of Graph: This type of question is asked to check the ability of candidates to interpret real-time data from the graph.


All The Best To All The RRB NTPC 2020 Aspirants!

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