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NTA UGC NET Mock Test & Books

Updated on 31 May 2022
Anuj Jindal
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Updated on 31 May 2022

Let me begin this article by saying that, cracking the UGC NET exam, or any exam for that matter would first require you to have a well thought out plan, and then ruthlessly execute the same.

That said, in this article I shall be writing in detail about the 2 most indispensable aspects of such a plan for the exam, namely preparing from UGC NET books (Paper 1 Books as well as Paper 2 books) and solving the UGC NET mock tests.

Let me break it down through an analogy.

Have you ever read about how soldiers are made battle-ready for potential conflicts of the future. It’s not much different from what you’d need to do for your UGC NET exams.

Soldiers are first made to go through various exercise modules to acquaint them to the different aspects of war. This is similar to how you’d prepare the various topics from the various UGC NET books.

Then, after the soldiers are done with the exercises, their preparedness for battles is put to the test by putting them through actual battle simulations in controlled settings in the form of Mock drills. This is similar to how you would put to the test your exam preparedness by attempting the various UGC NET mocks.

With that, I guess I have put my point forward successfully. Now to address the topics of UGC NET books and UGC NET mock test further and in detail, I’ll begin with the first one, I.e., UGC NET books.


Finding the Best Books for UGC NET Exam often involves a lot of hit and tries, and can be a tiring process. I know this because I have taken the exam several times, for the sake of keeping myself updated on the latest trends of the exam.

I can also understand your plight of reading article after article about good UGC NET books online and still finding nothing substantial.

However, being a double JRF holder myself, I think I can help you find the right UGC NET books.

So, without taking more of your time, let’s get started.

Before I hand you down the list of the UGC NET best books, I would like to first advise you to get accustomed to the syllabus of the exam. Go back to the UGC NET syllabus (Also pay a visit to the UGC NET Exam Pattern) if you are not, proceed if you are.

There are thousands of books for Paper 1 & 2 out there but the ones mentioned in this article are the ones I can personally vouch for.

Best Books for UGC NET 2022 Paper 1


Best book for UGC NET Paper 1


General Paper 1

Trueman’s UGC NET/SET General Paper 1 - 2020 Edition


Teaching & Research Aptitude

UGC NET/JRF/SET General Paper 1 - Teaching & Research Aptitude

Arihant Experts

NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF Paper 1 - Teaching and Research Aptitude

KVS Madaan (Pearson Education)

UGC-NET/JRF/SET - Teaching & Research Aptitude (General Paper 1)

Upkar Prakashan

All subjects and Past year papers

NTA UGC NET JRF Paper I – All 10 Subject + Indian Logic

Shubham Singhania & Anuj Jindal

Latest NTA UGC NET Paper 1 – 14 Solved Past Year Papers (7 Papers of 2019, and 5 Papers of 2018 and 2 Papers of 2017) (Link Below)

Shubham Singhania & Anuj Jindal

General Awareness

Manorama Yearbook

Manorama Group

General Awareness

Arihant Publications

Reasoning Ability

A Modern Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning

S. Chand Publication

B.S. Sijwali and Indu Sijwali: A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal and Nonverbal

Arihant Publication

Computer Literacy

Mini Goyal and Shweta Rani: Computer Awareness

Arihant Publication

Numerical and Arithmetical Ability

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Aggrawal

S.Chand Publication

Quantitative Aptitude by N.K.Singh

Upkar Prakashan Publication

Test of Comprehension and English Language

Wren and Martin: High School English Grammar & Composition

S.Chand Publication

The books listed above are very comprehensive and cover the topics of UGC NET Paper 1 very efficiently.

That said, if you want, you can check the topics covered in the syllabus of UGC NET Paper 1 & 2 here.

Now that we are done with the best books for paper 1, let us now go over the same for paper 2.

I have made a list of all the best books for UGC NET Paper 2 – Commerce & Management Exams. You can check them out below.

Also, since there are a lot of similarities in the topics covered within the syllabus of Commerce and Management, I have combined the recommended books for both the subjects and have listed them down topic-wise.

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