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How to make the most of your Social Learning Networks?- Guide for Students & teachers

Updated on 29 September 2021
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Updated on 29 September 2021

The discontinuation of conventional teaching and learning led to many challenges in the education sector. Due to the sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, all the educational institutions were shut down. This created a state of panic and confusion among teachers and students as it was impossible for them to continue their teaching and learning. However, online education was brought into the limelight during this period. Students were able to gain education through an online learning platform whereas teachers were able to teach their students with the help of these platforms. 

There are many platforms that are available online that helped teachers and students to fulfill their educational goals. Each platform has its own upsides and downsides depending on the requirement of teaching and learning. 

However, one such platform that emerged prominently during this time was the social learning network

A social learning network helps students and teachers to connect with each other socially on the platform thereby letting them conduct their online classes without any hassle. Here, both of them can easily collaborate with each other and participate in their classes to the fullest. 

There are many benefits of social learning networks where students and teachers can make the most of this approach to succeed in their online learning and teaching. 

Let us take a look at some of the ways in which they can make the most of their social learning networks.

Collaborate without any Boundaries

With the help of social learning networks, teachers and students can collaborate with each other regardless of any boundaries. Here, time and location are not an issue as both of them can tune into their online classes at a specified time. One can also learn and teach from the comfort of their homes by making the most of social learning networks. Now, teachers and students can break the physical barriers of conducting and attending classes. With the help of this platform, collaborating with each other has become an easy task. 

Encourages Social Learning among Peers

With the help of a social learning network, students can learn together with their friends. This network has many interactive features which enable students to study effectively with their friends. Here, they can post educational content, share them with others, like/share/comment on each other’s posts and much more. These features are highly engaging for them which in turn allows them to stay in tune with their studies while also having fun on the platform. Along with this, students can also send a message to their peers regarding doubts and difficulties in their learning or they can simply opt for online classes together on the platform. 

Create & Access Engaging Educational Content

On social learning networks, unlike an online teaching platform, teachers can create educational content for their learners. This network has many tools which enable teachers to utilize them and create study materials for their learners. Also, teachers can keep the learning requirements and pace of their learners in mind and create the study materials for them. On the other hand, students can access these study materials easily on the platform. Here, they can get access to many educational contents which are created by subject matter experts as per their specific needs. 

Highly Interesting teaching & learning Approach

Social learning networks are a highly interesting approach. It keeps both teachers and students hooked to their teaching and learning. This network has many engaging tools which can be utilized by them to make their online classes fun and innovative. For example, this network supports game-based learning. Here, teachers can upload quizzes and other learning activities for their students. Whereas, students can participate in their learning by solving these. Hence, the entire approach becomes interesting for both teachers and students as it keeps them tuned to their online classes. 

Social Learning networks are Budget-Friendly

Teachers and students need not worry about any registration or hidden cost that is to be paid while establishing their presence on this network. Social learning networks are highly cost-effective. It doesn’t dig a hole in the pocket of both students and teachers as they can start their journey at no cost on these platforms. On the other hand, for accessing study materials, students need to pay a bare minimum cost which they can easily afford. They can opt for courses, mock tests and other study materials and can also customize the same at a minimal cost. 

To conclude, as mentioned above, there are many benefits of social learning networks for teachers and students. It helps them accomplish their goals and conduct successful online learning and teaching. Moreover, it proves to be a highly engaging and innovative approach for them in terms of online teaching and learning. Hence, teachers and students should make the most of this approach by following the above-mentioned guide. 

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