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The State of Education Todayy

Updated on 13 October 2021
Richa Pandey
6 min read 4 views
Updated on 13 October 2021

Education means the all round development of a person. It makes an individual responsible, sensitive and a decent human being. It has always been a noble profession. Our ancestors received their learning at gurukuls and ashrams. Even in the recent past, schools were associated with places of worship. But today, education is fast becoming commercialised.

Modern education is merely academic and prepares students to acquire degrees or diplomas in general or specialised fields. There is no stress on the education to uplift the students morally, spiritually and physically. The students do not even get the chance to enjoy games or sports.

Education today has turned into a successful business. As this is the age of cut-throat competition, everyone seems to be a rival here. Students are worried about their uncertain future. Parents want their children to become engineers or doctors. So, they send their children to coaching centres which in turn spend a lot of money on advertisements to tempt their prospective customers. Although, they guarantee sure success in the examinations, their only aim is to mint money.

Coaching centres may be necessary for some students. But, it kills drive, initiative and originality of brilliant students. Most of these coaching centres provide spoon-feeding for average students and they stress on learning by heart. The students, who are weak in a particular subject are completely neglected. Thus, they find proper guidance neither in school, home or coaching centre.

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