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SSC CGL 2020 Strategy- English comprehension-2

Updated on 26 March 2020
SSC Preparation Strategies & S
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Updated on 26 March 2020

Since there is time for the announcement of the SSC CGL application form date 2020 strategist

Synonym: A word that has a similar meaning to another word or phrase is called a synonym. Incidentally, similar is the synonym of synonym.

For example, happy and glad are each other's synonyms. The most important reason to learn synonyms, apart from the fact that they are asked in the exam, is to refine your writing. "I am happy that you are happy" is not a wrong sentence in any sense but looks a bit dull whereas "I am glad that you are happy" is grammatically correct along with giving a feeling of being complete.

It can also be used to fine tune your communication. The best way to learn synonyms is to either lookup on the internet or install a dictionary app on your phone which also has the feature of a thesaurus.

It will give you multiple synonyms of a word. Read them every day because consistency is the key here. You cannot expect to learn all the words overnight. Keep a notebook handy and revise the words at least once every day.

Antonym: Antonyms are words that have a meaning which is opposite to the meaning of the given word or phrase. For example, "good" is the antonym of "bad". There are two types of antonyms-

rather than being the complete opposites. For example, the antonyms of good can be bad, terrible, unsatisfactory or poor.

2. Complementary antonyms are strongly paired. There is only one opposite for each word and does not provide a middle ground. For example, yes-no, before-after, on-off, dead-alive, etc.

An antonym can also be made by adding a prefix. For example, able-unable, typical-atypical, likely-unlikely, etc.

Synonyms and antonyms are a great way to improve your vocabulary too since you get to learn multiple words by learning just a single word.

Don't forget to check the eligibility criteria as soon as SSC CGL 2020 form date is announced. Till then, keep learning and keep practicing. All the best!

All The To All The SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants !

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