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Oversize Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game? YES!

Updated on 29 November 2021
Harish Jacky
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Updated on 29 November 2021

At the point when they played the model of golf in Scotland during the Middle Ages, they probably never assumed that the game will gain world popularity and transform into an entire way of thinking.

Golf can be viewed as a science from the golf swing mechanics to the last part of the golf hardware. Seasoned golfers and researchers searched constantly for strategies, methods, or gear properties to give an advantage to the players at the golf course.

Players have to accommodate their golf club grip size, for example, to their hand and procedure. However, a few golfers, professionals notwithstanding, realized that playing with an oversize golf grip can give them certain advantages.

The correct size of your golf club grip usually depends on your hands’ size, swing mechanics, and your golf shots’ pattern. However, experience with oversized grips shows that in many cases, they can consistently demonstrate better play. In this article, we present you with 20 reasons why oversize golf club grips make a great swing

While reading this article, you may start asking why you should bother contemplating your golf club's size and what the fact is of estimating at all in the event that you can play better with oversized grips. That is why we have to clarify that achieving better outcomes with oversized club grips is completely individual. What works for one player doesn't necessarily work for another. We give a summarized rundown of advantages to playing with oversized golf grips, yet which of them will be valid for you involves trying out for yourself. We are here to encourage you in the potential advantages, going off the experience of some professional golfers that utilize oversized club grips.

Golf Club Grip Overview

A golf grip is the part of the golf club associated with the shaft, on the contrary side of the clubface. Its motivation is to furnish the player with a legitimate spot for holding during the swing. The primary golf grips are comprised of leather strips wrapped on the shaft, yet current grips include elastic, synthetic, or other composite materials. They have a "sleeve" shape and are put on the shaft and attached by adhesive. The "sleeve' model gives better fitting of diameter, surface, and consistency according to the golfer's playing pattern. A few golfers actually use leather or synthetic strips under the "sleeve" to add diameter to the size of their grip. (1)

According to USGA regulations, a golf grip should have the same profile along its length however an alternate diameter. The main exemption for this standard is the putter, which can have any profile. Golf grips surface may narrow from thick to thin longitudinally as well as the other way around, however never wavy–following more slender and thicker segments. The most widely recognized golf grip size is the standard size. However, other golf grip sizes discover use due to the physical or sex contrasts of the golfers.

Golf Club Grip Size

A review held by "Golf Magazine" presumed that most golfers play with inappropriate size grips on their clubs. The test comprises hitting shots with various club grip sizes. Subsequently, about 92% of the tried golfers declared that they would play with various grip sizes than fitted. This review demonstrates that the standard grip size or the size fitted to the player isn't always the best size for the person in question. Playing with various sizes can also improve their game. (2)

The hand size of a golfer decides the size of a club grip. The distance between the wrist crease and the tip of the center finger, in inches, is the length measure of the golf grip. There are several sizes available on the market, which allow a player to pick the size that fits them the best. Other than the standard size, you can discover small hands (ladies' grips)size, large hands (men's grips) size, minuscule hands (junior grips) size, and extra-large hands (gigantic grips) size. Underneath we present you a shortlist of the formal grip sizes popular in golf circles. (3)

  1. Standard – 7 to 8 ¾ in.;
  2. Underestimate (junior) – under 7 inches, 1/64 inches smaller than standard;
  3. Medium size – from 8 ¼ to 9 ¼ inches – 1/16 inches Larger than standard;
  4. Gigantic – larger than 9 ¼ inches – 1/8 inches Larger than standard
  5. Rundown Note: (Source 3)

Oversize Golf Grips

The golf grip sizes show versatility in that each category of golfers, regardless of stature or sex, fits one of these grip size proportions. However, some seasoned players discover certain advantages in playing with oversized golf grips. According to the specialists, oversized club grips are around 1/16 to 1/8 larger than the standard grips. It is similar to changing your pen with a baseball bat.

How often should golfers change their golf grips?

20 Potential Golfing Benefits of Oversized Grips Game

Playing with oversized grips isn't only a fashion yet a demonstrated way of thinking that improves a few aspects of your game. Various professionals practice this way of thinking and highlight various reasons for that. The summarized list underneath gives 20 reasons why oversize golf grips can improve your game. A portion of the reasons may sound basically the same, however, even the smallest qualification can make a distinction in golf.

Large Hands

Having large hands is typically related to tall golfers because their hands are usually greater. Indeed, even the ideal swing is pointless when the club grip slips or loses all sense of direction in your hands. An oversized grip will make a tall golfer feel himself in "its own water" and give his best to the game.

Diminishing Grip Pressure During The Swing

At the peak of their concentration during the swing, golf players, especially fledglings, will in general grasp the grip extremely hard and put a ton of squeeze on both the grip and their muscles. Such pressure is counterproductive and thwarts the creation of a familiar stroke. Utilizing an oversized golf grip won't allow you to put such a lot of pressure.

Decreasing The Amount Of Wrist Movement

Several visit golfers affirm that playing with an oversized club, especially a putter, reduces wrist movement and makes the putting stroke easy and natural. A few books from the 80-s talk about this way of thinking, inferring that grips thicker in diameter give a firm-wristed stroke. The oversized grip makes you utilize just shoulders and gives you certainty, which is awesome during a golf swing. (4)

Square Hit

Firm wrists and a smooth shoulder movement during the swing will also allow a square hit ready. Square impact with the golf ball guarantees an exact shot, which each golfer wants. Many golfers achieve all that by utilizing an oversized golf grip.

Absorption Of The Shock Of Impact

Researchers affirm that oversized golf grips better absorb the shock of impact or mis-hit. That feature is significant for players with weak grips or hands. Adsorption decreases the weight on the hands and prevents undesirable reactions.

Shot Shape

Playing with oversized grips can also improve the shape of your shots. Smaller grips may cause hooking of the golf ball, while oversized grips will straighten your shot. Feeling comfortable with the grip will allow you to shape your shots more exactly.

Shot Accuracy

Experienced golfers affirm that the shot's accuracy relies significantly upon the size of the grip. The more tightly you hold your grip, the better shot accuracy you will achieve. Oversize club grips facilitate a more tight grip.


The grip interfaces the golfer with the club and gives (or prevents) the player's control over the club. An oversize club grip allows a better and more compact and comfortable grasp to avoid any slip or uncontrolled movement during the swing.

Hooking And Over-swinging Prevention

Utilizing an oversize grip during the swing reduces the smaller muscles of the hand and fingers, dialing your hands back. This movement creates more slices and decreases the swing speed, which prevents hooking the ball and over-swinging. (5)

Creating Slice

Although creating a slice is viewed as counterproductive, its legitimate application can demonstrate benefits. Golfers with inside to outside swing patterns will in general strike shots that snare away from the opening. A larger grip size will create a slice and straighten their shots. (3)

Additional Power For Distance

An oversize golf grip guarantees a square hitting of the ball. The square hit, along with a smooth swing, transforms into additional power to the focal point with the ball. More energy, therefore, means a more considerable distance of the shot.

Trajectory Impact

The ball flight trajectory is affected by many factors, and one of them is the ability of the golfer to grip the golf club well. In the event that you cannot hold your standard club grip appropriately, you in all probability will create more slices, snare, and scatter your balls left and right from the target. Playing with an oversize grip will take care of this issue, allowing you to grasp your grip firmer and tighter.

Smooth Putting Stroke

According to putting, hitting a smooth stroke is a mandatory premise for progress. However, creating such a stroke exceptionally relies upon the strain of your muscles at this second. A small or standard club grip requires fixing your muscles to grasp them better, while an oversize grip doesn't.

Relaxed Grip

An oversize club grip guarantees a relaxed grip, which, then again, gives a smooth putting stroke. It also gives relief from pressure in many other muscles of your body, for example, forearm muscles, for example. Decreasing muscle pressure during the game allows you to revive, concentrate and improve your game.

Decreasing Nervousness

Muscle pressure also increases nervousness, primarily in the event that you cannot concentrate and your game turns out poorly. An oversize golf grip that gives relaxation to the body will also relax the brain, diminishing nervousness and ideally replacing with certainty 🙂

Weak Grip

Oversize golf grips give an equal start to golfers with weak grips. Utilizing them, ladies, for example, who genetically have a weaker grip than men, can perform their best swing without putting extra pressure on their grips. Additionally, they will feel relaxed and sure during their play.

Clubs Feel Lighter

Golfers and researchers claim that oversize golf grips make the clubs feel lighter. The reason behind this feeling maybe just the more tight grip and the better control. However, this may mislead you while picking the best fitting grips for you. (2)


Comfort is a pivotal characteristic of each golf grip. Comfort gives everything – from accuracy and control to relax, and certainty. Oversize golf grips are extraordinarily comfortable for taller golfers and players with weaker grips.


Because the newest oversize grips reduce the need to grasp the grip more firmly, they can decrease arthritis impacts during golf. Absorbing the shock of stroke also has favorable impacts for arthritic players. Researchers call attention to that playing with oversize grips may decide if a golfer with arthritis can play golf. (3)

Joint Pain Relief

On the off chance that oversize golf grips can reduce the pain from arthritis, they can reduce other body pain as well. As active participants in the club holding measure, joints are probably the most affected. Golfers with joint pain favor playing with oversize grips because they don't have to crush the grip that much and still play well.

Specialists Opinion

Oversize golf club grips demonstrated their advantages on the professional golf course, as well. Several professional visit players that have utilized oversize golf grips share their positive experience. It was difficult to overcome the generalizations and biases related to the standard and oversize golf grips for some of them. However, "deeds speak stronger than words," as the famous saying goes. Facts reveal that in the weeks of the PGA Tour, about 30 players utilized oversize golf grips! (4)

Researchers affirm that the practice of playing with oversize golf grips originates from the early years of golf when players used to wrap extra leather strips on their grips to achieve larger diameters. The more present-day historian realizes players like John Daly and Bubba Watson, who used to wrap several layers of tape under their putter grips to keep their wrists less active. The champion Choi, who also utilized an oversize grip on his putter, shared that he felt sure when he played with his oversize grip because it allowed him to utilize just his shoulders, making the ball roll way better. (4)

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How Do Oversize Golf Grips Improve My Game?

Oversize golf grips give a strong grasp on the club, which improves the golf ball trajectory significantly. Oversize golf grips also support more significant golf swings because of the reduced wrist activity and total leverage of the shoulder movement. Many lean toward this kind of grip for putting, especially professionals, because of the relaxed movement that improves the putting stroke considerably. Oversize grips also advantage taller or more established players with arthritis that can in any case partake in this fantastic game.

What Happens If Golf Grips Are Too Big?

Oversize golf grips have a lot of advantages, many of which we already brought up above. However, way too large grips for your hands may also have some adverse impacts. You can anticipate unpredictable shots or even mis-hits. The failure may happen because an extra-large grip would change the angle of your wrist on the downswing. It will reduce your swing speed and, subsequently, affect your square hit onto the ball at the focal point. Oversized golf grips improve your game as long as you can grasp them well.

Who Should Use Oversize Golf Grips?

Generally, everybody can utilize oversize golf grips. However, some outrageous situations, like small hands with oversize grips, may lead to a turned-around impact. As we featured earlier, a few advantages may work for one kind of golfer others may not. Before choosing to play with oversize golf grips, it is recommendable to hit a couple of shots to feel the grip and perceive how it changes your game. Other than that, tall golfers with large hands or seniors with arthritis or joint pain are among the greatest beneficiaries of oversize golf grips.

Final Thoughts

The game of golf nowadays goes past an interesting sport to consolidate science, theory, and strategy. However, probably the most extraordinary fact about golf is that it is accessible to all ages, regardless of sexual orientation. There are advanced methods or small strategy stunts in each sport that assist with confining no one to play this fantastic game. Oversize golf grips are another ace in the sleeve of seasoned and supportive golfers. They are also a magnificent asset for senior and physically disadvantaged players who love playing golf and can practice it with less pain.

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