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SSC CGL 2020 Exam - General Awareness 1

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

General awareness is very important and the highest scoring section in SSC CGL 2020 With so many sources online, you can now study daily current affairs in Hindi too. Some important topics of GA are discussed in this article.

Static General Knowledge: The following are the topics you should prepare static GK from-Ancient history covers Indus valley civilization, Buddhism and Jainism, the Mauryan, post-Mauryan Kingdoms and the Gupta period.

Medieval history consists of the establishment and expansion of the Delhi sultanate, religious movements in 15th and 16th century, Mughal dynasty and the Maratha state.

In modern history, you need to study European penetration and British conquest of India, social and cultural awakening, the Great Revolt of 1857, Nationalist movement, struggle for Swaraj, Indian National Congress, Governor-Generals of India.

Static GK covers other miscellaneous topics which are as follows-

  1. List of World Heritage Sites in India
  2. List of Bird Sanctuaries in India
  3. Famous Temples in India
  4. Dam & Rivers
  5. National Park & Wildlife Sanctuaries
  6. List of Awards in various fields
  7. Nuclear & Thermal Power Plants in India
  8. List of Airports
  9. State Folk & Classical Dance
  10. International Cricket Stadiums
  11. List of Sports & Trophies
  12. Important Dates (National+International)
  13. Capitals & Currencies
  14. International Organizations & Headquarters
  15. Important Cities in River Bank

Science: In Physics, the topics you need to cover are gravity, motion, work, pressure, units of measurement, sound, heat, electronics, and magnetism.

In Chemistry, learn the uses, common names and compositions of various chemicals, alloys, definitions of heat, oxidation, reduction, etc, SI units and chemical & physical change.

Biology consists of parts of plant & human body and their functions, basics of animal kingdom, disease prevention and cure, and nutrients and deficiency diseases.

Sports: It is essential that you have good knowledge of sports, name of players, games, venues, etc since there are many sports-related questions in the general awareness section.

A lot of questions are based on trivia related to opening and closing ceremonies, preparation and events are also asked. Questions on current major events of sports are majorly asked so make sure that you are aware of current happenings in the sports field.

Current Affairs: The GA section has proven to be the deciding factor in the selection of candidates on many occasions. Since many candidates get a similar score in the other three sections, those who score well in the GA section qualify the exam.

Current affairs form a major portion of the GA section and should be studied diligently.

You need to study current affairs of 6 months before the date of the exam. Read a good newspaper (like The Hindu or The Indian Express) daily and make short and crisp notes of the major happenings.

Keep the syllabus with you so you would know which topics to cover. Revise current affairs daily as it will be very difficult to mug up all the facts one or two months before the exam.

Stay tuned for more SSC CGL 2020 posts which will immensely help you in your preparation. All the best!

All The Best To All The SSC 2020 Aspirants !

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