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Why Social Learning Networks Are The Next Big Thing In The Education Sector?

Updated on 27 October 2021
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Updated on 27 October 2021

The shift from traditional to online education was witnessed majorly during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. During this time, both students and teachers were instructed to conduct and attend online classes. Hence, this time saw the use of an online learning and teaching platform in the education sector to the fullest. These platforms helped students and teachers achieve their learning and teaching goals easily. 

However, one platform that proved highly beneficial and played a vital role in the smooth functioning of virtual learning and teaching is the social learning network

A social learning network provides the functionalities of both online teaching platform and learning platform. Here, students and teachers can connect and collaborate with each other, and indulge in social learning and teaching. This approach is much more engaging as it allows students to participate in their learning by connecting with their friends and teachers on a single platform. 

One can refer to some of the benefits of social learning networks below and figure out why it has become the next big thing in the education sector. 

What are the Benefits of Social learning Networks? 

Collaborate on a Global Level - With the help of social learning networks, teachers can find students who are interested in their teaching services and teach them. This network has a huge amount of learner base which are constantly looking out for guidance on various educational topics. Hence, teachers can grab this opportunity to close potential learners for their teaching services. Meanwhile, in the case of students, they can also get connected with their desired educator. They can find many skilled and experienced teachers on this platform which they can make use of for their learning. 

Teach & Learn Socially - Unlike an online learning platform, students can take up online courses, study materials and learn with their teachers on the platform. However, the unique part about this network is that it enables students to study with their friends and peers. With the help of this social learning network, students can send requests to their friends to study with them i.e. attend online classes together. They can also get connected with their classmates or learners of other educational institutions to discuss or simply solve their doubts. Connecting with teachers and peers has become a lot easier by establishing a presence on these social learning networks. 

Highly Engaging & Interactive learning Approach - Social learning networks have the ability to engage learners in their learning. These networks have many features which are similar to social media. Here, learners can post educational content, share them with their learning community, and indulge in interactive learning. Also, on this network, teachers can create personalized study materials for their learners, post educational articles, quizzes, MCQs, etc. These varied forms of study materials and the engaging learning approach keep learners on track. Hence, they tend to participate in their learning to the fullest. 

Instant Guidance & Doubt Solving with teachers & Toppers

Students can find instant topper guidance and testimonials on these networks. They can read tips and tricks to crack their upcoming exams on these networks. This, in turn, enables them to learn and get ready for their exams easily. On the other hand, if students have any doubts related to their exams then they can take the help of their teachers. On this social learning network, they can simply get connected with their teachers via messenger or email. Following this, teachers can help the students quickly with any form of issues related to their studies. 

Social Learning Networks are Budget-Friendly

Social learning networks do not dig a hole in the pocket of the students. They need to pay a one-time reasonable amount for their learning and they are good to go. Students can access a good amount of courses, mock tests, question sets, solutions, etc. Along with this, they can take the advantage of customized learning packages. If students wish to opt for specific courses or study materials then they can do so. Social learning networks allow total flexibility in terms of payment. Students could either opt for free or paid courses and study materials that are published across the platform. 

To conclude, a social learning network has created a buzz in the education industry. This concept is quite unique and engaging from other learning and teaching platforms. Here, students can simply take interest in their online learning through various mediums provided in the platform. Also, this approach is very budget-friendly which allows students to make most of it.

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