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CBSE Class 10 Term 1 New Exam Syllabus, Grading System 2021-2022

Updated on 29 October 2021
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Updated on 29 October 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduced a new exam format for class 10 students for the academic year 2021-2022, this academic year is divided into two terms, and at the end of each term board exams will be held. The reason behind these upcoming changes is to turn students into logical, higher-order skills and critical thinking.

The date sheet of the first term examination has been declared and it will start on 15th November 2021. The paper will be based on MCQ pattern and all the questions will be case-based. It will be easy to solve if you have conceptual clarity. 

CBSE also cleared that the examination center will be either in your school or any other center in your city itself.  

You need to understand the CBSE class 10 term 1 syllabus and format for the upcoming exams.

Here is the syllabus and new exam structure

Structure of Exam 


50 MARKS (40 Marks + 10 Marks)

TIME:- 90 minutes


50 MARKS (40 Marks + 10 Marks)

TIME:- 2 hours

The board has introduced class 10 term 1 syllabus and term 2 syllabus which will be conducted at the end of each term. You have to study in a 50-50 ratio for both of the exams, which is a great relief for you. 

Previous year examinations consist of end term exams or year-end exams. In the new CBSE format, you don't need to give such papers. The final result will be according to the marks obtained in both of the term papers. Internal assessment marks will be considered for an overall score. 

CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Syllabus - Subject Wise

You can check the reduced Term 1 syllabus for 2021-2022 board exams for all the major subjects- English, Maths, Science and Hindi in the following section. Also, look for G-L, Social Science, etc syllabus on the official website of CBSE.

CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Maths Syllabus and Marks for Board Exams



Number System

6 Marks


10 Marks

Coordinate Geometry

6 Marks


6 Marks


5 Marks


4 Marks

Statistics and Probability

3 Marks

Internal Assessment

10 Marks

CBSE Class 10 Term 1 English Syllabus for Board Exams


Term 1 Syllabus


1. Discursive passage (400-450 words)

2. Case based Factual passage (with visual input/ statistical data/ chart etc. 300-350words)


1. Formal letter based on a given situation.

Letter to the Editor

Letter of Complaint (Official)

Letter of Complaint (Business)


1. Tenses

2. Modals

3. Subject-Verb Concord

4. Determiner

5. Reported Speech]6. Commands and Requests

7. Statements

8. Questions


1. A Letter to God

2. Nelson Mandela

3. Two Stories About Flying

4. From the Diary of Anne Frank

5. The Hundred Dresses 1

6. The Hundred Dresses 2


1. Dust of Snow

2. Fire and Ice

3. A Tiger in the Zoo

4. The Ball Poem


1. A Triumph of Surgery

2. The Thief’s Story

3. Footprints Without Feet

CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Science Syllabus for Board Exams





Chemical Substances-Nature and Behaviour (Chapter 1, 2 and 3)



World of Living (Chapter 6)



Natural Phenomena (Chapter 10 & 11)




Internal Assessment -Term I




CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Syllabus for Social Science board exam



India and the Contemporary World – II

10 Marks

Contemporary India – II

10 Marks

Democratic Politics – II

10 Marks


10 Marks


40 Marks

Hindi Syllabus for Class 10 Term 1 CBSE board exam



अपठित गदयांश व कावयांश

10 Marks

व्याकरण के लिए निर्धारित विषय – वस्तु का बोध भाषिक बिंदु / संरचना आदि पर प्रश्न

16 Marks

पाठ्यपुस्तक क्षितिज हिंदी भाग-2

14 Marks

आंतरिक मूल्यांकन

10 Marks


50 Marks

The internal assessment strategy for Class 10 Term 1 and Term 2 both-

CBSE has decided to take internal assessments from CLASS 10 students during the whole year, which will play an important role in the examinations.

Internal assessment for CLASS 10 SEM 1 AND SEM 2 includes:

  1. Subject enrichment activities
  2. Project work
  3. Practical work (for elective subjects)
  4. Speaking listening activities (for language subjects)
  5. Portfolio

You should not leave any type of internal assessment because nobody knows what will happen in the future, so it's better to attend every test and give your fullest to it. If you look back to last year, students of class 10 20-21 batch passed according to their internal assessment.

Passing Marks in Class 10th Term - 1 Board Exam

According to the Central Board of secondary education, Students must achieve a minimum of 33 per cent in theory exams, practicals, and internal assessment to pass the CBSE 10th grade.

The grading system for the 2021-2022 CBSE Class 10 Board Examination

Grades are assigned based on both formative and summative evaluation and correspond to a range of marks. The following is a nine-point grading scale -

  1. A-1: Top 1/8th of the passed candidates
  2. A-2: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  3. B-1: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  4. B-2: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  5. C-1: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  6. C-2: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  7. D-1: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  8. D-2: Next 1/8th of the passed candidates
  9. E*: (The word/ phrase for this will be informed shortly)

Check Date Sheet For Class 10 & 12 Exam

What if COVID 3rd wave hits?

Class 10 term 2 exams will be held from March to April of 2022, it will be subjective based and the duration will be 2 hours. It is also mentioned that by chance the 3rd wave hits, the weightage of the first-semester paper will be decreased and it will be added to the second term paper. If the same situation happens in the second term paper then the first term exam will have more value.

CBSE Class 10 Term 1 Exam Guidelines

If due to some inconvenience both exams are not held then the final result will be based on the internal assessment/practical/project work and theory marks of Term-I and II exams given by the candidate.

Now that you have understood the CBSE New class 10 1 term syllabus and format, prepare yourself according to it, complete sample papers and revise once you have completed all the syllabus. Look for every chapter and get the updated syllabus and study according to it. Stay updated on the CBSE website for CBSE Class 10th term 1 syllabus and the CBSE class 10th Term 2 syllabus for further information and news.  

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