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Analysis of UPSC Syllabus 2022

Updated on 06 September 2022
Anuj jindal
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Updated on 06 September 2022

Analyzing the UPSC Syllabus 2022 before starting the exam preparation is important for aspirants in multiple ways. A detailed analysis of the UPSC Syllabus 2022 will help you understand the syllabus and make it easier for you to categorize them, cumulate the study resources and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

Discussed below are the advantages of analyzing the IAS Syllabus beforehand:

  1. UPSC notifies the detailed syllabus in the official notification. Candidates can go through the subjects which are included in the syllabus and comprehend their familiarity with the subjects and analyze their strengths and weakness.
  2. Based on the syllabus, a set time table and study plan can be followed by a candidate, where time is devoted equally for the preparation of each subject so that all the topics are covered completely.
  3. It will also be beneficial for the candidates to choose an optional subject if they go through the list of all the optional subjects available and based on their strengths, they can choose the most suitable optional subject.

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