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Explained! CBSE 10th & 12th Board Exam Important features | Key Points with Sample OMR Sheet.

Updated on 18 November 2021
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Updated on 18 November 2021

Sample OMR sheet has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The board will use a similar OMR Sheet in the Term 1 CBSE 10th & 12th board exams 2021-22. Examine all of the specifics.

Important Key points from the CBSE Notification

  1. The OMR would be pre-filled with the candidates' information.
  2. Students must write a Question Paper Code in the space provided in the upper right corner. The Code for the Question Paper will be written on the Question Paper.
  3. Students must write in the space provided in their hand.

"I confirm that all the information provided above is correct," and sign in the running hand on OMR.

  1. Only a blue/black ballpoint pen should be used to fill out forms and respond to questions.
  2. The use of a pencil is strictly forbidden. If it is discovered that the candidate used a pencil to fill out the OMR, this will be assumed unfair and action will be taken against the candidate following the unethical rule.

Following are key features of the OMR Sheet

  1. In an OMR, there is a space for answering 60 questions, regardless of the total number of questions on the Question Papers for any subject. Candidates can use as many circles as the total number of questions on the Question Paper to provide answers. This should only be done in serial order.
  2. Answers given after the highest number of questions will not be reviewed. As a result, if there are 45 questions in some Question Paper and the candidate changes Question No. 46 in OMR and writes this question as 45 and then gives the answer, the response will not be examined.
  3. To answer, four circles, (a), (b), (c), and (d), are placed in front of each question in a line. When candidates are certain that their answer is correct, they should turn black the circle with a pen.
  4. After four circles, a box is given in the same row. Candidates must fill the correct answer in the box, i.e. a, b, c, or d.
  5. Following the box, a circle is placed ahead of the box, with the question number written inside the circle. If the candidates have not attempted the question, they must darken this circle.
  6. Candidates are suggested to begin by darkening the circle to indicate their answer. If you are completely satisfied, you should write a response in a box. The only reason for providing a box is that if any candidate decides to change their answer, you can do so in the box.
  7. Even if you are satisfied with darkening the sphere in the OMR sheet, the response has to be written in the box. Candidates must respond in both - circle and the box.
  8. The Answer written in the box will be considered as the final answer. 
  9. If the box is blank and the answer is highlighted in the circle, it is assumed that the candidate didn't even attempt the Question.
  10. If you answer in a box but leave the circle blank, the Question will be considered as attempted.
  11. In case all three, i.e. the four circles, the box, and the last circle are left blank. The question will be taken as not attempted.
  12. Schools will download the OMRs ahead of time under the guidelines ( yet to be provided by CBSE ).
  13. After downloading, the OMR will be kept under lock by the Centre Superintendent and will be used only on the day of the exam after the Centre Superintendent's facsimile stamp is attached.

Schools are asked to plan practicing sessions for students on OMR sheets, based on the information provided by the CBSE board. Teachers must introduce themselves to the OMR before the practice sessions.

Frequently asked questions on OMR Sheet-

Can Pencils be used to fill OMR Sheets? 

No, OMR Sheets are to be filled with Pen only. Answers written with Pencils will not be considered. 

Can we use Gel Pen in the exams?

No, Gel Pens are not to be used in the exams. Carry a blue and black ball pen to fill in the answers on the OMR Sheet. 

Where can I get the sample of the CBSE OMR Sheet? 

You can download the sample OMR Sheet from the official website of CBSE. The Sheet is also available in the Article above.

Why OMR Based Examination is a convenient option for students

An OMR-based examination is playing a significant role in improving the education and gathering of data. Evaluating the student’s knowledge and analyzing data is a painless process

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