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Salary and job titles for HR professionals.

Updated on 09 September 2022
Srishti Singh
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Updated on 09 September 2022

HR specialists' pay varies depending on their position and level of expertise.

Following are a few HR job titles, their key responsibilities, and typical salaries:

1. Personnel manager

National average yearly wage: 20,71,876.17INR

HR administrators' key responsibilities include organizing and maintaining the staff's personnel records. They create HR documentation and assist with updating the internal HR database. Additionally, they might produce reports and presentations and work with the payroll division to provide pertinent employee data.

2. Recruiter

National average yearly pay: 25,09,894.27INR

HR recruiters' main responsibilities are to design and carry out recruiting schedules. They create and monitor hiring and recruiting objectives. They also evaluate applicants to see if they are a suitable fit for the position.

3. HR consultant

28,52,287.21INR is the national average yearly pay.

Primary responsibilities: An HR adviser provides advice on general goals and activities to the HR department (or the organization as a whole) and may function as a consultant to enhance HR procedures. Additionally, HR advisers can support staff development and assist in mediating and resolving conflicts inside the organization.

4. Business partner in HR

National average yearly pay: 41,84,196.34INR

Principal responsibilities: HR business partners typically assist in planning and implementing an organization's HR schedules. They also make sure that HR activities are in line with organizational goals. Instead of the internal human resources division, they frequently cooperate with the board of directors and work with the organization's senior officials.

5. HR director

38,45,498.96INR is the national average yearly pay.

HR managers must first assess the need for training. For instance, they might create and carry out training programmes. They oversee the HR team and make sure that everything they do complies with employment laws. They also supervise formal grievance procedures and disciplinary actions. An HR manager oversees benefits administration, manages payroll processing, and seeks to enhance employee wellbeing.

6. Assistant in HR

National average yearly wage:20,70,995.27INR

Primary responsibilities: HR assistants participate in nearly every HR department action. Typically, they perform administrative tasks. They might help HR managers with HR-related activities including recording information about pay and benefits, complaints, absences, termination, and performance reviews.

7. HR professional

28,22,087.55INR is the average yearly wage in the country.

HR professionals' main responsibilities include evaluating applicants to identify those who are the best fit for the company through CV reviews, interviews, and background checks. They might also aid in orienting fresh hires. Employers may also include them in benefit distribution and employee retention in some organizations.

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