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Master the Methods for Engaging Learners in a Live Class on the Online Teaching Platform

Updated on 13 December 2021
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Updated on 13 December 2021

Live online classes are transforming the way we teach and learn. In addition to changing the educational landscape, live classes provide a low-cost solution to having a physical classroom setting. Whereas Study24x7 is an online teaching platform where teachers collaborate with students from all over the world, transforming the field of online education into an effective learning environment.

When traditional and online learning and teaching methods are compared, collaboration is a point of debate. We should strive to make the best use of teaching platforms while improving service delivery through the use of online learning platforms like Study24x7, itself.

According to research, collaborative E-Learning outperforms traditional teaching, but critics question the ability of social learning networks over the internet instead of collaborating in person.

The concern here is to make online learning platform as cooperative and productive as offline classrooms, which is why we've come up with five essential ways to improve interaction in your live classes:

  1. Set the proper tone before the live session begins.

Learners will undoubtedly have anticipations and questions about the live sessions held on the social learning network. You can try these steps beforehand to get them ready for the session-

  1. Share the objectives for the session as well as the expected outcomes at the end of the session or on the Study24x7 timeline.
  2. Inform about the relevant reading materials prior to the session so that your students are prepared.
  3. At the end of any live session, mention the topic, date, and time for upcoming sessions to make learners aware of the lesson. 
  4. Perform a trial run of the session before the real one to ensure that everything is in its proper place and working properly.

  1. Have a fantastic start!

Your session's first five minutes will set the pace for the entirety of it. You wouldn't want your students to run out from a live session and to do so-

  1. Perform a sound and video check to ensure that the devices are in good working order. Inquire with your students if they are having any difficulties accessing the broadcast.
  2. You might use introductions as an ice - breaker to make the students feel at ease. Make a layout of the introductory questions and invite your students to participate.
  3. Everybody enjoys a good story! Begin your session with a story or an anecdote and end with the session's goal in mind.
  4. You can also conduct a quick test series by asking questions via online polls and posts. Build your way up by evaluating the learner's expectations and level of expertise in the subject you're teaching.

  1. Make your live session worthwhile for them.

You own the stage once the tone of the session is set and the learners are pumped up. On our social learning network try the following strategies to keep your learners involved until the end of a session:

  1. Involve multimedia in your content because the impact of visual media cannot be overstated. These types of content could be anything from an online learning platform to a video that went viral to a famous statement or an image quiz.
  2. Make good use of pauses. Allow your students time to capture the information. Divide your plotline into short segments and take a break between them to allow the information to sink in.
  3. Interaction is essential. During the live session, use more polls to evaluate your learners' thoughts on the topic. Polls not only make your session more interactive, but they also give your learners a rest to focus on their ideas.
  4. Use the timeline of Study24x7 as a space to collaborate with the learners and fellow tutors. Drop answers to others’ queries and also ask important and relevant questions for more interaction. 

  1. Don't let the session be the end of your teaching.

The final section of your session is critical because it determines what the learners will take away as a summary. Create it about learners – after the session, give them 10-20 minutes to interact. You may, during this time-

  1. Give assignments as homework, for the next live session. 
  2. Make the point of gathering feedback one at a time. You can do it during the session, or if time is limited, you can include responses from learners at the end.
  3. Compile a list of reading materials related to the topic for your learners.
  4. Explain the objectives for the next session and share preparation materials in order to utilize the motion.

The achievement of your live sessions on our online teaching platform is decided by how hard you work to deliver learners in the best way possible. In a nutshell, creating a good narrative and paying close attention to the details while explaining will help you undertake an excellent live session.

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