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What is cyber security, and why is it important?

Updated on 10 September 2022
Srishti Singh
17 min read 32 views
Updated on 10 September 2022

The process of protecting systems connected to the Internet such as computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks is known as cybersecurity. We can divide cyber security into two categories, one is cyber and the other is security. Cyber refers to technology that includes systems, networks, programs and data. And security is about protecting systems, networks, applications and information. In some cases, it is also called electronic information security or information technology security.

Types of cybersecurity

The infrastructure of any organization is a combination of different processes. These systems have a strong cyber security posture that requires a coordinated effort across all of its systems.

Therefore, we can divide cybersecurity into the following areas:

Network Security: Implementation of hardware and software to protect computer networks against unauthorized access, intruders, attacks, intrusions and abuse. This security helps a company protect its assets from external and internal threats.

Application Security: It is about protecting software and devices from unwanted threats. This protection can be done by updating the application regularly to ensure that it is safe from attacks. Successful security starts at the design stage, writing the source code, support, threat identification, etc., before deploying the program or device.

Information or data security: This includes implementing strong data security measures to ensure integrity and privacy, both in security and in transit.

Identity Management: This is a process to determine the level of access each person has within the company. Operational security: it involves planning and making decisions about managing and protecting data assets.

Mobile Security: It is about protecting organizational and personal data stored on mobile devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and other similar devices against various threats. These threats are access to rights, loss or theft of devices, malware, etc.

Cloud Security: This is about protecting information stored in a company's digital environment or cloud computing. It uses various cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Google, etc. to provide protection against many threats.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan: Addresses an organization's procedures, monitoring, notification and response plans when a disaster results in loss of services or data. Its policies determine the resumption of lost operations after a disaster with the ability to operate as before the event.

User education: responds to procedures, monitoring, notification, and planning for how an organization reacts when bad behavior results in loss of performance or data. Its policies determine the resumption of lost operations after a disaster with the ability to operate as before the event.

Why is cybersecurity important? Today, we live in a digital age where all aspects of our lives depend on networks, computers and other electronic devices, and software. All critical infrastructure such as banking systems, healthcare, financial institutions, government and industrial enterprises use devices connected to the Internet at the center of their operations. Some of their information, such as intellectual property, financial data and personal data, may be sensitive if unauthorized or disclosed which may have negative consequences.

This information allows criminals and threats to access them for financial gain, extortion, political or social goals, or simply to cause damage. Cyberattack is now an international concern that destroys the system, and other security attacks can put the world's economy at risk. Therefore, it is important to have an excellent cybersecurity plan to protect sensitive information through high profile security measures.

In addition, as the number of cyberattacks increases, businesses and organizations, especially those that handle information related to national security, health, or accounting, must have strong cyber security measures and procedures to protect their business and personal information. them.

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