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Is an Executive MBA worth the investment?

Updated on 14 September 2022
Priya Sharma
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Updated on 14 September 2022

Some may wonder if an Executive MBA is worth it? Does the market treat the Executive MBA as a full-time or part-time MBA? Did I miss my window of opportunity? Why should I bother now? The answer to the first question is yes, an Executive MBA is worth it for the candidate. I have many myths about the Executive MBA program… I don't have time, I'm too old, I'm too old in my career, etc.

In the past, the difference between an Executive MBA program and other MBA programs or graduate business degrees was excellence and flexibility. While Executive MBA programs offer a variety of delivery options to meet the needs of busy students, with new technology and many programs moving online, flexibility is becoming key. The difference between the Executive MBA and other MBA programs is the wealth of knowledge that students bring to class discussions and the kind of student engagement that will come together because the program focuses on learning to develop experiences to meet their needs.


An Executive MBA (also known as an EMBA) is for high-level professionals. Discussions in class and among team members are more interesting due to the extensive work experience that EMBA students have.


Here are the key differences between an MBA and an Executive MBA that you should consider when deciding whether an Executive MBA is right for you:

 EMBA Network 


Executive MBA programs have students at the top of their ranks. Individuals are more experienced leaders and managers. The opportunity to learn and collaborate at the caliber of this network is almost priceless. Additionally, these students have a better chance of entering C-suite executive positions or advancing to these positions. This is not the case in full-time or part-time MBA programs since the majority of students have fewer years of work experience. The network you build, combined with the knowledge and business skills gained through the program, greatly increases your career impact. 

The Amount 


Although the EMBA program may be more expensive, the all-inclusive "white" treatment is a real benefit for professionals working under time pressure. EMBA students have many resources and services offered as part of the program. Time is not spent searching for books or thinking about the cost of food and other school-related expenses since most expenses are included in tuition and program fees. Having a program agency that takes care of these important things is very beneficial for top professionals.



Stud24x7’s Executive MBA offers two delivery methods that students can choose from. The On-Campus EMBA option allows students to attend classes every other weekend and the hybrid EMBA option allows students to have classes on weeknights and short weekends, 49% off delivery is virtual and 51% of transmission to humans. Both of these EMBA program options are designed for students with a demanding schedule that will accommodate business travel, family commitments, and participation in other work-related activities. While other programs include more flexibility in delivery options, the delivery model of the Executive MBA program is deliberately designed for students with complex lifestyles.

Team size 


Often, full-time and part-time MBA programs have larger class sizes than Executive MBA programs. MBA Executive Study24x7 program members are accepted into the program based on quality, not quantity. The group size is intentionally small to allow for networking and relationship building. It also allows for personalized attention from EMBA faculty, program staff, and career coaches. Often in evening and full-time programs, it is difficult for students to get to know many of their classmates.

Business professionals should never stop learning and should be aware of the differences in leadership and business skills that they need to improve. The benefits of an Executive MBA come in the form of tools, flexibility, and support systems to meet these needs and embrace the challenges of life.

So, is an Executive MBA worth it? For experienced professionals looking to close their skill gaps and continue to advance in their careers, yes.

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