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Tips for Preparing for the Territorial Army Exam

Updated on 23 September 2022
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Updated on 23 September 2022

The "reason" to join the Indian Territorial Army (TA) will be different for different people. Turning one's life into a passionate, challenging, meaningful, fearless and confident life is what one gets if one becomes a member of the Indian Army. Of course, the selection to the final stage and seeing one's name in the merit list is difficult, but not impossible. This article discusses important tips to prepare for the General Studies for Territorial Army exam.

Advice on preparation for local forces 


All those who are going to succeed in this are above average human beings. A significant difference is their determination and love that they can achieve anything in life. Regardless of age, if a person's goal of living a less comfortable life is more than anyone's comfort, then a person will become a boss.


The Indian Army is the most organized organization in the world and not only protects the territory but also every life whether inside or outside India should be protected. Considering the Territorial Army (TA) exam, there are three simple ways to approach it in the right way so that every candidate has a chance to appear for the first interview board. Although not many aspirants have had the idea, we have presented it here in a better way to benefit individuals in a structured way. Some considerations for general studies in local forces 


There are a few observations we made in the general studies section of the Territorial Army survey. 

These tours can be a game changer for those aspiring to join the Territorial Army. 

  1. Questions 10 to 15 are mandatory among current topics. This will create a strong point of the candidate's ability in the TA exam.
  2. There is a specific question pattern or pattern "No" specified in the test. Unlike NDA/CDS/AFCAT/INET, the Territorial Army has no special interest to follow. It can be found in any topic, except for war and related topics.This means that it cannot wait for a pattern.
  3. Indian history is very important for analysis.This topic has a lot of weight in the book.
  4. All the questions asked are easy, as long as you are familiar with all the concepts.
  5. By the way, we can say that the CDS exam aspirant will feel that the Territorial Army paper is easy only because he must have good knowledge about all the concepts of all the subjects, not all of them are deep rather than average.
  6. Also, along with maintaining fitness, he must have a detailed plan to cover the Territorial Army Syllabus.
  7. All questions are basic & conceptual only.
  8. All questions are objective, direct response types.
  9. To get more marks, one must have complete knowledge of all the subjects.

GK Topics for Regional Army Exams 

The most important topics in GK for Territorial Army exam that the aspirants will cover are: 




Mountains, rivers, dams, gems, minerals, international borders, capitals and mottos, physical features, ecosystems, grasslands, ecological features and disasters, ecological habitats, parks, countries and wildlife sanctuaries, many deserts and other types of relief, all geographical areas. identity of India, etc.




Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Period, different kingdoms of ancient India, the arrival of many foreigners, Afghans, Mughals, Marathas, Southern Indian Dynasties, Records of the British India Company Eastern Legislature of the British in India, Nationalist movements, many Freedom Fighters, something. conducted by the Indian National Congress (INC) - meeting with their leader, freedom struggle and movement, etc.



Structure and organization of the assembly, important articles, preamble, sections and procedures of Indian constitution, five year plan, statutory bodies, NITI Aayog and appointments to various parliamentary committees and Jargons used in parliamentary work etc.



Lots of jargon used in macro and microeconomics, Finance Commission, India's latest budget. 



All basic concepts related to the physical world, units and measurements, laws of motion, motion in a straight line and in a plane, work, force and power, kinetic energy, gravitation, oscillatory motion, properties of solids and Fluids, sound & waves, light & optics, Electricity, magnetism & magnetic materials, electromagnetic waves & spectrum, etc. 



All the main concepts related to chemistry and daily life, the periodic table and scientists related to the elements, about the elements s, p, d and f, states of matter, periodic molecular properties and chemical equations, biomolecules, hydrocarbons. , polymers, etc.




All basic concepts related to plants and animals, biomolecules, flower anatomy, cell cycle and division, plant growth and nutrition, photosynthesis, human physiology including digestion, respiration, excretion, blood circulation, nerve control and regulation, reproduction ; evolution, principles of representation, recent environmental issues, etc.

Military Specific


Indian Army ranks, orders, latest army and recent army artillery, weapons and ammunition, army and its requirements, etc.


Current Affairs


Monthly and annual publications to get a good overview of the current major issues, candidates should have a good understanding of the latest happenings around the world etc.

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