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How should I prepare for the CDS exam?

Updated on 03 March 2023
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Updated on 03 March 2023

Governance is a very important part of the general knowledge section of the CDS exam. The political section usually has 20 to 22 questions in the CDS exam and therefore it is important that you prepare this section well. Now, one big question that students are facing is: How can I prepare for the political section of the CDS exam?


With the help of this article, we will analyze how to prepare the political department for the CDS exam properly.

What you will get from the article: 


  1. Importance of Political Sector in CDS Test 

  1. Review of questions from previous years 

  1. Books and study materials are available 

  1. Tips and advice for preparing for the political sector.

Let's get started! 


Importance of Political Sector in CDS Test 

  1. The questions in the Political section will have a great impact on passing the exam. The number of questions in the Political section ranges from 20 to 22.

  1. These questions are very simple and usually come from standard textbooks. Taking a few mock tests will make it easier to navigate the political spectrum.

  1. Legal questions are also asked in other competitive exams like the civil service exam and SSC exam.

Hence, a strong foundation in this area will help an aspirant to crack other exams.


Review of previous year's questions for the political sector 


We will now see the distribution of questions from the political sector.

  1. We can divide Indian politics into various topics like Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties, DPSP, Inter-State Relations, State Parliaments and Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, Different Schedules, System law, law and order and various subjects.
  2. This division reflects the division in the book: Laxmikant's Indian Rule.
  3. The questions on the CDS exam cover each of these topics.


For instance: 


Which of the following is not related to the power of the governor?

  1. Diplomatic and military powers 
  2. Power to appoint Advocate General 
  3. Convening, moving and dissolving the State Legislature 
  4. Power to grant amnesty, compensation, remission, or remission of punishment 


The above question was raised in the chapter on Governors and the answer is option (A). Only the President has political and military powers and not the governor. This research can be done for many such questions.

Therefore, the key to research is that the questions are specific, honest and easy to understand. Sources for these questions are from reliable textbooks, standards available online and in many bookstores. Good knowledge of Indian politics will help to solve any question properly.

These papers will return for the political section of the CDS exam 


You can refer to the below mentioned books to better prepare the Government section: 


  1. Democratic Governance - Class IX and Class X NCERT 
  2. Indian Law Act - Class XI NCERT 
  3. Political Science - NCERT 
  4. Laxmikant's Indian Politics 
  5. Constitution of India - Plain text 


Tips and tricks for getting the best results in the political sector of CDS 


  1. The question pattern is based on the current broad issues in the field of Politics. Therefore, reading The Hindu or Indian Express daily and also reading newspapers will give a better understanding of the subject.
  2. Since politics is real, researching the subject is the key to success.
  3. Previous year UPSC CSE, CAPF (AC) and CDS questions in Politics will give an idea of how to interpret the questions, level of understanding, etc. Therefore, candidates must solve the previous year's questions a number of times to familiarize themselves with the type of questions asked on the exam.

  1. Candidates should remember that there is a negative mark associated with the exam.
  2. Therefore, correctness in giving the right answer and removing the wrong ones will only come from proper behavior. To do this, the departmental exam must be done in the State. It should be read carefully after the exam and the articles will be read once more.


The above tips and tricks, if followed properly, will help aspirants to read and understand the field of politics. So, study now to crack CDS with a good score! 



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