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SSC CGL 2020 Exam - Reasoning 4

Updated on 10 September 2022
SSC Preparation Strategies & S
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Updated on 10 September 2022

The syllabus of SSC CGL 2020 is quite vast and it is wise to pick topics one-by-one and prepare and practice them thoroughly. One of the sections that doesn't require any formulas to solve and is based completely on your analytical skills is general intelligence and reasoning.

This skill develops over time with sheer hard work and practice. We have discussed a couple of topics here that are surely going to help you in your preparation.

Critical thinking: In order to solve questions in the reasoning section in tier 1 and tier 2, the most important skill that you need is critical reasoning. Unlike quantitative analysis where you can learn formulas and theorems and short tricks to solve the questions, there aren't any tricks or formulas to solve reasoning questions. You have to rely on your critical thinking to solve those problems.

These skills will be required to do your job properly once you get selected in the exam. Fortunately, the skill of critical thinking can be easily developed with proper strategy and practice.

The topics that cover the scope of critical thinking are odd one out, series completion, number series, logical sequences, coding-decoding and direction & distance test.

There are a plethora of free sources online including PDFs, e-books and YouTube tutorials which you can use to study different topics of critical reasoning. There are also topic wise quizzes available online.

Study the topics one-by-one and attempt the quizzes to identify your strong and weak areas. Improve your weak topics and then attempt the quizzes of all the topics together. This will ensure that you master this section of reasoning.

Emotional and social intelligence: This is the study of human behavior and the awareness of the social society by virtue of your observation skill. Many times, your job will require you to deal with people in a diplomatic manner and this is where this skill will come very handy.

Social intelligence includes identifying the crux of the problem, empathizing with people when they tell you their problems, and not losing your temper or getting annoyed while dealing with difficult people. This topic tests the candidate's ability to choose the most positive or suitable answer in the different scenarios mentioned in the question.

You cannot predict the kind of questions that will be asked. You just need to be aware of your social surroundings and practice a lot of mock tests and previous year papers to gain an understanding of what kind of questions can be asked.

The question can be of the following type-

Two of your subordinates are fighting, so you

(A) Help them understand each other's point of view

(B) Pick a side and bad mouth the other one

(C) Avoid both of them till the fight is over

(D) Let them vent their anger on you

The correct answer in this case will be option (A).

TIPS for SSC CGL 2020 Exam: Attempting quizzes, mock tests and previous year question papers should be an integral part of your SSC CGL 2020 preparation strategy.

All The Best to All The SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants!

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