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5 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About daily current affairs for UPSC

Updated on 29 September 2022
Youth Destination
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Updated on 29 September 2022

Reading current affairs for the UPSC examination is not only required for the exam but also the job of a Civil servant to stay aware of the issues appearing in daily current affairs and to handle them effectively.

The weightage of current affairs questions has increased manifold over the years in the civil service examination. The Union Public Service Commission is asking 20 + questions every year in prelims from monthly current affairs.

Youth Destination Daily Current Affairs

  1. Youth Destination IAS academy provides daily current affairs for free to the UPSC candidate in the form of a current affair magazine and current affair compilation.
  2. We have been committed to providing candidates with monthly current affairs material since its inception.
  3. Youth Destination has been established as the right platform to provide a comprehensive analysis of the daily current affairs for the UPSC exam.
  4. Lakhs of UPSC aspirants have benefited from our current affair initiative consistently and we aim to provide such benefits for many upcoming years.
  5. One of the major challenges candidates face while reading current affairs is which article is important from the exam's point of view and which should be avoided.
  6. We at Youth Destination provide a list of the most important current affairs articles of the day in note format.
  7. Our editorial team makes the current affairs preparation easier for you by providing quality content and important current affairs articles through 4 to 5 relevant newspapers such as 'The Hindu', 'Indian Express', and presenting the details in brief form.
  8. Candidates require an in-depth understanding of the daily current affairs for the Mains examination. Therefore, understanding the issue itself and its cause impacts and way forward to build the overall understanding of the issue.
  9. The Civil Service exam is about studying static and dynamic syllabus in the right proportion. Static subjects like History and Geography etc require only revision before the examination whereas dynamic portions such as current affairs are changing every day so you need to stay updated regularly.
  10. The current affair has been very much important from the year 2016 onwards which has also boosted the cut-off marks.
  11. One of the major reasons that the current affair has been gaining importance is that the IAS officer should be well aware of the recent whereabouts which carry Regional, National and International important events. So, it must be updated on Current Affairs if you wish to be an IAS officer in the future.

Why current affair is an integral part of the UPSC syllabus

The current affairs syllabus of the UPSC exam cannot be ignored in any way. The interview panel mostly asked questions related to current affairs and general knowledge. Therefore, preparing for the current affairs section not only helps in Prelims and Mains exams but also in personality tests.

Candidates must be updated with Current affairs to know the government policy, scheme and its involvement in the

  1. national and international front, economy and for overall knowledge.
  2. An IAS official should take the right decision for the welfare of the city and country. They have to carry on with multiple responsibilities and a single decision can make or spoil the whole community so awareness of current affairs helps in taking the right decision.
  3. Being updated with current affairs for the UPSC exam is easy as compared to other subjects. You just need to read newspapers and monthly magazines and also watch the news from relevant sources rather than reading too many books.
  4. Prepare your notes through a proper reading of newspapers like 'The Hindu', 'Indian Express', 'Times of India' etc.

How to prepare current affairs for the UPSC exam

The basic problem is the abundant sources of study material we have today while preparing current affairs for the IAS exam. Generally, students purchase extra unnecessary current affairs material more than required. They hope that more study material will score them better.

But choosing too many resources will result in counter-productivity as you will not have enough time to revise the reading resources. Hence, you must focus on quality rather than quantity.

We have come up with some helpful recommendations on how to prepare current affairs for the UPSC exam or which monthly magazine is best for preparation and which are the most important current affairs books for the UPSC exam. All the suggestions could help you in gaining excellence in the IAS exam.

Limit your resources

  1. There are a plethora of online and offline sources relevant to UPSC's current affairs in 2022-23.
  2. Thus, doing proper research before deciding on your sources and later sticking with them consistently will give amazing results.

Some of the useful resources and magazines suggested by toppers and experts are here:

  1. Youth Destination current affair monthly compilation
  2. The Hindu newspaper
  3. Indian Express newspaper
  4. Yojana magazine
  5. Kurukshetra

All these resources help you grab a good dose of daily current affairs for the UPSC exam.

Concentrate on the real issue

  1. Only superficial reading of the news would not benefit. Being a UPSC candidate you must focus on the real issues deeply. The news focuses on the occurrence of the event while issues address the concept of the happening. Try to find out the reason why this news is featured to consider any current affair issue
  2. Real data, facts and reports help aspirants to update about the current affairs of the issue and understand both the positive and negative sides as well.
  3. Try to make your own opinion, suggestions and ideas to tackle those issues.

Monthly magazine

Current affairs monthly magazines play a vital role in providing updated and relevant current affairs, may it be regional, national or International.

Here are some most recommended current affair magazine for IAS exam preparation

  1. Youth destination Current Affairs monthly magazine
  2. Yojana magazine
  3. Kurukshetra magazine
  4. Economic and Political Weekly
  5. Down to Earth
  6. Monthly preview etc.

By keeping all the suggestions in mind you can get one step closer to cracking the UPSC exam. However, you might not be able to recollect all the current affairs in the examination hall.

That's all right. Don't worry.

Multiple reading and revision will be helpful but remember current affairs keep on piling up every day.

So, just make constant efforts to retain them and revise them regularly. Rest will be fine and you will be able to memorize a maximum of them in the exam hall.

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