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Best Social Learning Platform In India | Study24x7

Updated on 08 November 2022
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Updated on 08 November 2022

A cost-effective, India’s first and best social learning platform, Study24x7 to provide quality and affordable education to students and career opportunities to professionals in Tier II and III cities- the "Make In India" initiative connects teachers and learners from around the world.

Study24x7 is growing rapidly with more than one million active users worldwide, to provide high-quality education, connecting learners, teachers, and counselors through multiple channels, securing employment opportunities, and adding value to their lives.

Breaking geographical barriers to provide an affordable social learning education system, Study24x7 has chosen to provide unparalleled solutions to redefine education in cities like Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan for India's educational efforts.

Our Social learning digital community focuses on adding value to these communities by providing high-quality education and training. Courses, e-books, and mock tests start at low cost or are available for free. We have designed a 35-minute assessment to find out where students are interested in moving forward with career opportunities.

Numbers Achieved By Study24x7


With Tier I fulfilling every Indian's right to quality and affordable education, at Study24×7 our mission is to focus on Tier II and III countries across the world, to provide interactive learning, study education, previous year questions, and mock tests and higher education.

With over 55,000 registered students and teachers, over 3,00,000 questions post top searches, over 25,000 course queries, and over 100 questions posted daily, our goal is to offer a one-stop learning and teaching platform, allowing each student to grow in a connected manner.

Teachers and learners can connect through real-time & interactive sessions.Build connections with like-minded peers that provide quality, affordable education for students and career opportunities for professionals in Tier II and Tier III countries, Educators can reach a million learners through Study24x7, a self-creating- Culture starter, multidimensional problem solver, with a go-go attitude, through our trusted network.

Given the lakhs of students' quest for proper education followed by a well-paying job, as well as the high costing of Indian coaching subsidiaries, the social learning platform aims to bring about a revolution in the affordable teaching sector and instill the best collaborative environment, thereby contributing to the nation's overall growth, education-job wise.


Services of Study24x7

Study24x7 is a one-stop learning and networking platform for students and working professionals. They provide a thorough overview and learning solutions for business, skill-based training (career counseling), competitive examinations, recruitment and aspirants with specialized knowledge, personality development, and behavioral improvement, and provide important details of the same. Till now, the platform has a community of over lakh active users and offers knowledgeable assistance to all users who are joining the community.

Providing a thorough overview as well as learning solutions for business, skill-based training, career counseling, and recruitment. The platform promotes the best environment for knowledge sharing by providing aspirants with specialized knowledge via Courses, Ebooks, and Test-Series.

Discover the essence of learning and collaborating on an entirely new level.

●    500+ Educational Interests allows people to connect with friends and brainstorm new ideas.

●    Community of 55,000+ Learners & Educators - Share and access notes and content based on interests to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and mentors.

●    1 Million+ Posts/Articles/Courses & Mock-tests - Develop your brand by utilizing Create my page and freely popularize across the globe.

●    We have provided over 10,000+ career counseling sessions to students, graduates, and professionals to help them find the best career path for themselves.

●    India's Top Talent Hunt Program - SNAT, assists in obtaining internships, jobs, a full scholarship, and many other benefits.

●    Virtual Campus Drives/Lateral Hiring by 100+ Multinational Companies.

Objective of Study24x7

The system was intended to provide online education to obtain online and no matter of land location or financial condition. Therefore, it is important that the first agents recognize that the platform is easy and is made by keeping these users in mind.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience


While Study24x7 is a social network at its core, although it is aimed at teachers and learners, it makes exams preparation more interactive. Whether it is a recording process or live online, the platform can deliver video in high quality without lag. Not only that, but as a social learning platform, it makes it easy to connect and collaborate with teachers and peers.


Also, the Study24x7 platform provides enough lessons to teach the concept in an engaging way. Course material is updated in various forms such as quizzes, test patterns, free demo classes, articles etc. to make learning more engaging among students.

Compatibility between devices


Since the main goal of Study24x7 is to enable all users to learn, it is important that the platform is not tied to one device or one environment. Currently, it is not possible for every student to have a laptop/mobile to learn online. Therefore the platform must be compatible with different devices and operating systems. Be it a mobile device or laptop, Windows or iOS operating system, Study24x7 can work on all devices and systems. And it won't dig a hole in the student's pocket to buy new tools/systems to learn online.

Platform is budget-friendly


Study24x7 is free for teachers and learners. The student can get free or paid tuition, mock exams according to his need. This is different from Study24x7 and other online websites and platforms that charge the same price and are not free to use.

Studying at Study24x7 is affordable and provides the most efficient service to the learner for free. Discussion groups and forums for peer-to-peer collaboration and learning


Discussion groups and community

Are a good way for students to discuss and have their peers, teachers or other professionals clear their doubts immediately. These are linked to Study24x7 due to its structure as a social learning network.

In these groups and forums, students can discuss their course topics and studies with other students. They can share daily useful updates and exam preparation information with interested pages.

Last Words

A platform like Study24x7 with AI-integrated adaptive social learning and sharing resources has the potential to work as a catalyst to bridge any sort of learning to hire gaps and now it is also becoming a means to not only recognize but also rectify any failure in the existing conventional learning systems.

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