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Updated on 22 November 2022
Aishley Smith
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Updated on 22 November 2022

The DevOps trend has really started to take shape in the last few years. It’s a movement of IT leaders who want to see things change for the better—to provide amazing software to their clients consistently and with confidence.

As compared to conventional methods, enterprise DevOps services brings development and operations together, enhancing the efficiency, timeliness, and safety of software development and execution. A more agile SDLC (software development lifecycle) gives enterprises a competitive advantage. IT service management frameworks, project management guidelines such as Lean and Six Sigma, and other methodologies can all coexist with DevOps.

What is DevOps?

Patrick Debois, one of the IT industry’s gurus, created the term “DevOps” in 2009. DevOps is a word that combines the terms “development” and “operations” to denote a collaborative or shared approach to a company’s software development and IT operations teams’ activities. In simple terms, DevOps is a software engineering approach that tries to connect the work of software development and software operations teams by fostering a culture of collaboration and shared accountability.

Benefits of DevOps for Enterprises

Enhanced Speed: Shorter Development Cycle

One of the DevOps benefits for business is enhanced speed. Due to a biased reaction from the development and operations teams, it becomes difficult to comprehend an application’s usefulness. The production and development cycles are overly prolonged, causing the process to be delayed. 

Faster Innovation

Another clinical benefit of DevOps in the enterprise that is frequently overlooked is corporate innovation. The key to harnessing software development innovation is DevOps.


With enterprise DevOps, a faster deployment process, backed by automation, can save a lot of time with quicker, smaller deployments that occur more frequently.

Minimum Production Costs

The DevOps methodology is built on automating all development lifecycle operations. DevOps principles like Continuous Integration (CI), Infrastructure as a Code (IaC), and Continuous Delivery (CD) tools focus on ensuring task scenario uniformity and infrastructure integrity. It results in 100% automation reliability and a substantial decrease in the amount of time and effort spent on repetitive and routine work.

Faster ROI (Return on Investment)

Businesses can recover their IT investments and start generating pure cash by releasing new updates faster and fixing bugs quickly. According to the 2020 industry research, DevOps collaboration saves 22% of the time on rework and unscheduled tasks.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction is one of the most prized DevOps benefits for business. Customers despise having to wait for services, and the longer they have to wait, the greater the negative impact.

Learn more: https://appinventiv.com/blog/devops-for-enterprise-business/

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