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Impact Of Technology On Education

Updated on 24 November 2022
Mark White
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Updated on 24 November 2022

In the past few months, it has become more obvious than ever that digital transformation is the future of the education sector. Various educational institutions and entrepreneurs have drifted away from the traditional edtech business model and have begun embracing the latest technologies in their business processes.

At the same time, many venture capitalists have begun showing interest in EdTech startups. In fact, it has been found that VCs funded about USD 1.7 Bn in the edTech market in 2019 across 105 deals.

This has not solely attracted the attention of business enthusiasts who were confused about entering the edTech space but has also encouraged Entrepreneurs to tweak their existing businesses with the help of cutting-edge technologies and take advantage of this profitable business model.

Assuming that you are someone falling into the latter category, I will be revealing a complete list of technologies changing the education landscape in this article. 

But before that, it is wise to take a look at the present scenario of the edTech trends market so as to get clarity on the Impact Of Technology On Education industry.

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