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How to Build an Instant Delivery App Like InstaShop?

Updated on 28 November 2022
Aishley Smith
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Updated on 28 November 2022

Shopping and delivery apps like InstaShop are a trend that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and with the ever-widening advancements in technology, it is possible to create an app like Instashop that meets all requirements.

Do you also want to build an app like Instashop and make a strategic move towards the constantly growing on-demand market? Then you must explore this article to know all about the Instashop-like grocery delivery app business, including its market dynamics, app development process, must-have features and tech tack, and the cost of application development.

How to Create an App Like InstaShop?

The team should have a product owner, business analyst, project manager, app developers (for iOS and Android), UI/UX designers, and Quality Assurance engineers.

After the team establishes, you can start the development process, which entails the following steps:

Strategize and Plan

To begin your online grocery shopping app development process, you must have a comprehensive and actionable project roadmap in place.

To do this, your grocery app development company typically holds product discovery workshops where the target audience, competitor analysis, knowledge of the target consumers’ pain points, app specifications, budget, and timeframe are all discussed. After thorough research, a development plan is prepared.

Choose the Right Platform

When creating an app, it can either be hybrid or native. It’s critical to consider which option would be ideal for your company because each offers advantages and downsides of its own. Native apps are expensive and developed for either iOS or Android. On the other hand, cross-platform apps are comparatively cost-effective and can be utilized on various platforms.

UI/UX Design

Your app’s design is crucial because it will be one of the first things your customers will see. You must make sure that it is polished and simple. You must plan a user-friendly layout and instructions that are clear and to the point. Remember your target audience, their pain points, and product specifications while creating the design.


Making a prototype is the next critical stage after getting the design right. You can see how the app will appear and function. Additionally, it will enable you to try out the features you intend to add to the app. By doing this, you’ll be able to gauge the app’s viability, gather feedback from potential consumers, and can also approach investors to get funding.

Development Phase

This is the phase where your final product comes together as the custom grocery delivery app development company creates your app’s front-end and back-end using the finalized tech stack.


Before the official launch, Quality Assurance engineers review your grocery app for its usability, security, compatibility, and performance.


At last, your app is finally ready to be launched on platforms like the Google Play store and the App Store. But the launch does not mean it does not require changes. Keep making edits to enhance and scale your app.

Promote and Analyze

You need to market your app to encourage people to use it and you need to develop a solid marketing plan for that. Campaigns in marketing and public relations, social media, etc., can help with this segment.

You must begin to analyze user behavior and conversion rates, which will enable you to enhance your software’s usability and performance.


Finally, you must keep supporting and updating your app. This entails ensuring that the team is addressing flaws and incorporating new functionalities and features.

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