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CAT 2023 Syllabus and Preparation Tips: How to Score at the 99th Percentile

Updated on 29 December 2022
Harsh Vardhan Singh
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Updated on 29 December 2022

The goal of this article is to make it easier for you to comprehend HOW TO SCORE 99 PERCENTILE IN CAT 2023. We have put together a thorough list of CAT 2023 preparation tips with the subject-wise syllabus that you can utilize to obtain a 99 percentile on the CAT 2023.

But there is one thing you must remember. It is simple to read these types of writings for inspiration, but the one rule you must always follow is to keep your attention on the preparation process. Short-term fixes do not work, thus it is best to keep your attention on achieving your goals each day. This is the same idea that has shaped MS Dhoni into the cricketer and celebrity that we all love.

Every year on a rotating basis, the reputed IIMs conduct the CAT 2023 exam to gain admission to India's top business schools for various courses.

CAT 2023 Important Dates.


CAT 2023 Dates

CAT 2023 Notification Release

4th week of July 2023

CAT 2023 Application Process Starts

1st week of August 2023

CAT syllabus 2023 - Section-wise Syllabus

VARC Section (Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension)

Fill in the blanks

Para Completion and inference

Verbal Logic

Verbal Reasoning

Subject-verb agreement

Para Jumbles

Sentence completion

Foreign language words used in English

Different usage of the same word


Reading Comprehension





Jumbled paragraphs

Sentence correction

One word substitution

Parts of speech


Types of Clauses

Phrases Modifiers

Errors in tenses

Articles usage

Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 

Blood Relations

Clocks and Calendars




Venn Diagram


Data Arrangement

Data Structures

Direction Sense

Family Tree



Binary Logic

Pie Charts


Seating Arrangement

Data Sufficiency


Sets & Caselets

Bars & Line Graphs

Quantitative Ability


Ratios and Proportion



In-equations Quadratic and linear equations

Work and Time


Surds and Indices





Partnership (Accounts)

Number System

Square Root and Cube Root

Profit & Loss

Geometric Progression


Mean, mode, median

Binomial theorem

Simple interest and compound interest

CAT 2023 preparation Tips for achieving a 99th percentile score

First, the Foundations: Make sure you are familiar with the fundamentals of each section of CAT 2023. This includes brushing up on fundamental verbal and numeric skills, as well as data interpretation, logical reasoning, and mathematics (in simple terms). It is crucial to establish the foundations for these areas so that you can build upon them when you practice challenging tasks and take practice exams.

Make sure to create a list of subjects and approach each one separately. Make sure to organize your work and use the greatest resources you can to accomplish each thought. Before committing to any preparatory resource, ask your classmates and seniors for their opinions on the courses, books, and other materials.

Avoid diving right into shortcuts.

Focusing on the fundamentals is crucial, but it's also crucial to avoid the error of overemphasizing your shortcuts and methods. Tricks and shortcuts divert your attention from fundamental ideas. CAT questions are renowned for being conceptual rather than relying on short cuts (this is especially true of quantitative aptitude).

Depending on your particular demands, develop a comprehensive strategy: Create a thorough plan that covers studying all of the exam's subjects along with sticking to CAT 2023 syllabus. This should provide a thorough strategy for how you will get ready for each section. Keep in mind that we are all unique and have distinct learning obstacles. Make careful to identify your specific learning needs.

Let's use the aforementioned circumstance as an example. As an example, let's say your quantitative aptitude is particularly weak, which would indicate that you need to work more on it. Finding a competent mentor who puts you through the paces and helps you understand the principles of subjects you find challenging could be a good place to start in this situation. This is going to be difficult because you might have to practice using materials like NCERT books, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Improve your preparation by making a list of all topics, determining your strong and weak points, and adjusting your CAT 2023 preparation accordingly. You should work on each of your weaknesses one at a time in addition to concentrating on your strong points. Making a list is simple; taking action is not. Therefore, make a list of topics fast and then focus on one at a time. Avoid delaying, postponing, and hesitating this activity because, once you get started, most issues have simple fixes.

Don't duplicate other people.

We frequently make the error of emulating others, losing sight of our own preparation in the process. Fear of missing out (FOMO), which makes us worry that we might miss out on something if we don't do what the other person is doing, frequently makes this problem worse. Avoid this mindset at all costs, and concentrate on the daily tasks you must complete.

Regular practice will help you become more consistent.

To hone your abilities and quicken your reaction time, practice frequently. This entails thoroughly reviewing subjects, regularly taking practice exams, and completing question papers from prior years' exams.

Remember that most of us begin new activities with great passion and enthusiasm, but as we progress further along the preparation cycle, this enthusiasm begins to wane. It makes sense to stay consistent with your preparation rather than experiencing excessive highs and lows.

Management of time

You need to bear in mind two things when managing your time.

The first one is about how you get ready every day. Make sure you schedule your days wisely. Cut out all unnecessary activity for the upcoming year and concentrate solely on the current things that are most important. As a general rule, the areas you should concentrate on are:

  1. Your planning
  2. Your employment or, if you're a student, your college studies (in case you are a working professional)
  3. any extracurricular activities you engage in, such as internships

Make sure you divide up the aforementioned tasks in a way that is sustainable and guarantees your readiness is maximized in all circumstances.

The management of time during the exam itself is covered in the second section of time management. To perform well on the two-hour CAT exam, good time management is essential. Practice sufficiently to complete the questions in the allocated time is the greatest method to master time management for the exam. The best way to manage your time during the exam is to take as many timed and simulated exams as you can.

Use the Correct Resources

Make sure you use the appropriate resources for your preparation. This includes seeking advice from experienced professionals and consulting the best CAT books. Choose materials that are appropriate for your learning needs. As previously stated, each of us has unique learning requirements, and you must determine your starting point for preparation.

Regularly take section tests and mock exams

To perform well in any competitive exam, you should take as many as possible. Testing helps you perfect your planning, and if you want to score 99 percentile on the CAT-2023, testing will be an important part of your preparation. Make sure you take both section and mock tests.

Section tests assist you in refining your section strategy and identifying gaps in your preparation for that specific section. Take practice exams to get a feel for the real thing. This will give you a sense of the types and levels of questions on the exam.

Examine Your Performance

Taking tests without conducting proper analysis is a pointless exercise when working with a CAT 2023 preparation strategy. After each mock test, make sure to evaluate your performance. This will assist you in understanding your own strengths and weaknesses. This will help you identify the areas where you need to improve as a learner.

CAT 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I submit my CAT 2023 application?

The official announcement for CAT '23 is expected in July, with registration beginning in August. You can apply between the first week of August and the middle of September '23.

2. Is 3 months sufficient for CAT?

Yes, you can adequately prepare for the CAT in about three months. However, you must remain disciplined and adhere to a proper study plan that includes concept development as well as rigorous practice.

3. How many times can you take the CAT?

There is no limit to the number of CAT attempts.

4. Can I get a perfect score on the CAT 2023 exam?

Yes, you can achieve a CAT percentile of 99 or higher. Almost 20,000 candidates out of the lakhs who take the CAT achieve a percentile of 99 or higher.

5. Can I pass the CAT without coaching?

Yes, many students rely on self-study to achieve high CAT scores. Because there are a variety of free resources available online, you can use them to prepare. Along with the popular standard books, the market also has them.

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