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Equilibrium For IIT JEE 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
IIT JEE Preparation
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Updated on 15 February 2020

IIT JEE main exams are coming soon, and many of the students are preparing different topics of Physics. Students always prefer to learn all the questions in-depth and then interest in memorizing them. So they go to coaching centers, but it becomes hectic to attend the Senior Secondary classes and then the coaching centers lectures. Therefore many online coaching centers are providing the best IIT JEE mains preparatory courses for the students. The essential topic students have to cover in this exam is equilibrium. One has to prepare this topic very precisely as it is one of the chapters of exams. So below, we are going to discuss The topic Equilibrium in brief.

Equilibrium can be defined as the situation when both the medium is between which the reaction is taking place are equal. This situation occurs very rarely, and one has to be very careful while calculating the value of equilibrium in any response. 

This reaction occurs between different kinds of mediums, for example, solid-liquid, liquid-gas, solid-solution, gas-solution equilibrium state.In all the mediums, the value of the equilibrium will be different and hence, to be found out carefully while doing the equation.

The other topic in the equilibrium process is to learn about the reversible and Irreversible reactions. It is an important topic to be covered if you are studying the chapter equilibrium.Apart from this, there can be an ionic equilibrium state. The state refers to the balance between the ions of two mediums. 

Therefore while covering all the topics, it is essential to do this one.

Essential Characteristics of Equilibrium

1. Stability

As we all know, equilibrium is the state when the density, concentration, pressure, and the color of any element are equal. Therefore the stability is one of the characters of equilibrium reaction where all other elements related to this chemical equilibrium are similar. That is why it is the most stable reaction from all the chemical equations.

2. Accelerated with the help of Catalyst

Yes, as it is the most stable reaction, the speed of the reaction is a little less. Therefore to increase the rate of the reaction taking place, a catalyst is being added. Catalyst helps the chemical equilibrium to fast in the reaction.

3. One can complete the reaction in any direction

In a general chemical equation, the reaction always takes place from left to right side. But chemical equilibrium reaction is a reversible reaction; therefore, there is no need to stick in any one direction as the reaction can take place from both sides.

4. It is Dynamic Reaction

Yes, chemical equilibrium is a dynamic reaction because both the reactants and the product present are equal. Even after the reaction takes place, the concentration of both the reactants and the product always remains the same. That is why we call this reaction as the most stable and dynamic.

As we have discussed above, this reaction is the most stable and always exist in any closed systems where the reactants and the product can't leave. Therefore it is very diverse, and one has to study the concept precisely from the starting. Many of the IIT questions are based on this reaction because examiner can easily confuse the student by giving a confusing statement


Therefore start studying from the first day as it will help you to do more practice. There are books available in the market from which one can do the sample questions. Sample questions help the students to do more and more questions to clear out the concept.

Clearing the concept is not a very big task if you know how you have to learn and complete the questions. Apart from the books you are going to purchase from the market, you can buy the PDF of books from the online coaching centers.

Many coaching centers are publishing their books and putting them on their official websites. Therefore students can visit them and learn. You can also ask if you have any doubt and the professionals will help you. Qualified professionals are sitting there to help the students.

All The Best To All The IIT JEE 2020 Aspirants !

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