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Creating a Successful Gaming App - The Ultimate Guide

Updated on 06 January 2023
Aishley Smith
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Updated on 06 January 2023

Making a game app is the latest trend in the mobile app development space. In this article, we are going to look into the ways that answer how to make a gaming app successful. 


How to create a game app that is highly successful?

While it helps to partner with an iOS or android app development company who provides sports app development services with a dedicated game focused development team, it helps to know the ways you can make your game app successful.


1. Build an idea 

The Play Store and App Store is brimming with gaming apps with 477,877 and 316,802 active games respectively. Now although you have an idea of the category you want to enter, brainstorming is still required. You would have to see what is trending in the category, what are people liking about those apps, at what stage are they paying in the app, and what marketing efforts are they responding to. 

A thorough market research can help you know what your players are used to and looking for. 


2. Build a story

Games like PUBG and Clash of Clans get massive downloads because the games come with a story. Building a story which players feel a part of and look forward to seeing how it progresses is what plays a key role in the success of a gaming application. 

So when you answer how to make a game app with a strong character and gameplay story, you are able to garner the players’ attention and keep them hooked. 


3. Keep it intuitive  

When you make a game app, it is pivotal to pay attention to the simplicity when it comes to the control and learnability. It shouldn’t be too complex for players to understand and find their ways around. 

Another pointer to consider here is taking care of the multiple screen sizes and the platform-specific virtual buttons’ locations. Imagine a player exiting the game mid way simply because they clicked on an element which is placed on the exit button. You can save this by platform-specific android game app development. 


4. Make it addictive

What makes a game addictive is a mix of the storyline and the type of challenges. But what is generally overlooked is the impact of prizes and leaderboards. Considering this, your game should have – 

  1. An interesting storyline with character histories
  2. Challenges’ levels getting difficult as they progress
  3. Reward points and powers


5. Have an immaculate design 

Having a great game design in terms of user movement and the UI/UX is what keeps the players hooked to your app. So, one of the primary answers of how to make a game app for android would lie in getting your designs right. 

There are a number of businesses that are moving towards AR/VR based gaming structure. While it is a great space to be in, you can also start with something small and have interactive elements and situation-specific sound effects. Whichever design you decide to go with, the graphics must at all times go in hand with the logic of the game. 


6. Have a monetization strategy 

Year-on-year, gaming apps continue to be one of the most high grossing categories of the mobile app space. However, for a new game app entrepreneur it is important to know how to be a part of this statistics. 


7. Build an MVP first

Developing an MVP is a smart way to test your game app idea and attract investors. Your MVP need not have all the assets, levels, or power-ups you plan to include in your app. It just needs to be a simplified version of your game that can help you improve on your application on the go.   


So here were the seven factors that can help with making your gaming app successful. While this is on the players’ ends, there is one thing that has to be considered in the backend when you are looking for answers on how to create a game app – the tech stack. Learn more about the tech stack at:

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