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Unlock Your Company's Potential with DEF I Development

Updated on 18 January 2023
chris evans
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Updated on 18 January 2023

DeFi Development From Scratch

 Defi development is the radical evolution in the finance industry which is a blockchain-based system making users to experience the benefits of various financial utilities such as loans, lending or borrowing, tokenization, trading. We explained the business model of defi here. 

We laid out the pathway for startups to replace conventional finance systems with decentralized finance platforms in delivering equal monetary services. 

We cater decentralized finance development services in the cryptocurrency landscape with highly encrypted smart contracts. Entire control of the platform is given to the users where third party involvement is eliminated assuring highest security.

Our DeFi Development Services

Decentralized Crypto Banking

Defi ensures banking industries to launch online banking services for the users like deposit, withdrawal, transfer, and savings of cryptos with automated smart contracts or decentralized functions.

Defi Lending / Borrowing Platform Development

We offer the best-in class defi lending/borrowing platform development solutions with a protocol to lend funds or go for loans with high security.

DeFi Wallet Development

Trading carried out by the users relies on the security of the datas without any threats or malfunctioning. When getting defi wallet development from us, the users can access the safest DeFi services in all streams.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

DeFi smart contract development includes auditing existing smart contracts or developing new ones. We are able to encode defi smart contracts in blockchain platforms like TRON, Solana, Ethereum and others.

Defi Dapp Development

Launch your dApp with our DeFi dApp development services and join the DeFi club. We have the best team out there in coordinating your Dapp business vision and bringing together the standard ideas.

Defi Tokenization Development

By adopting our DeFi token development services, we assist you to create the native token for your DeFi protocol and increase the growth of your platform ensuring safety measures.

Defi Development Benefits


We cater the system to be more feasible and to establish multiple decentralized finance applications into one module which makes the platform reliable and user-friendly.

Neglecting Third Party Involvement

Our defi development services are mainly given importance to launch the transacting process diligently with high security to your funds with the lowest fee as the third party involvement is neglected.

Fully Automated

As smart contracts are deployed the defi platform is based on automation and involves no human involvement. We bring in the highly sophisticated programming languages with best tools for wiring smart contracts.

High Security

Our defi developers ensure the presence of multiple core-operational nodes and data breach are eliminated as we use peer to peer mechanism.

Defi Business Models Development

Lending or Borrowing

Lending or Borrowing

Business persons having an estimated amount of investments can earn money through the Defi platforms.Defi lending platforms aims to offer crypto loans in a trusted way.

This happens without any intermediaries and the borrower can get the loans directly from the defi platform.Both the lenders and the borrowers get the benefits of margin trading.

Banking systems is the main utiliser of these defi services taking all the advantages in offering loans as it is the safest of all. It’s all possible by using smart contracts which are highly coded with advanced programming languages like solidity.

Defi lending platforms are stimulated by cloud based services and analytics for the fraud identification process and they are digitally-enabled with faster processing techniques.

Web3.0 portifies the defi market to be strong enough and safer. Some defi platforms like AAVE, Compound and Maker allow users to enhance the protocols for lending/borrowing, saving their funds in a dynamic way with top-notch security follow ups and its management.

Defi Staking

Defi staking is another popular means of earning money from the digital crypto resources. This is the identical technique of holding/locking the assets to kickstart your revenue generating stream.

Proof of stacks is the protocol or the algorithm used for checking the validation functions. The investors will be able to get rewards for earning highest profits.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming is the most promising and the entitled use case adding more importance to the Defi systems. This implies the moving of crypto assets over Defi staking platforms to earn highest profits. This platform is more flexible, smart contract driven with full automation making higher incomes.

Liquidity Minting

Liquidity minting comes under the sub-division of yield farming discovering the availability of crypto assets which are digitialized to the liquidity pools.

These liquidity pools are the most vital part for enhancing trading with no third party involved in the exchange happening in the decentralized networks. This process is known as the automated market maker.

Defi Development for E-Commerce

Blockchain technology in E-commerce has many salient and important features.The decentralized ecosystem is transparent and can keep a track of all the functionalities with high security. Defi based E-commerce industries enable the users to purchase anything, anywhere and at anytimes.

Defi developmental services helps the organizations to maintain the records in a stable way that cannot be disrupted and track all the requirements of the customers.

Crypto payments are done safely having adopted blockchain in E-commerce making an astounding growth.E-commerce platforms establish a list of options in purchasing items as its functioning is regulated by defi services.

On-time delivery with a proper tracking system might be marked as the special reward of this technology.Performing transactions without any thefts are controlled by pre-programmed smart contracts which regulates the supply chain management perpetuating the E-commerce to reach standards.

Defi Development for Real Estate Platform

A decentralized Finance real estate platform is paving the way for numerous traders to buy and sell in the marketplace as it is enacted with blockchain technology. This real estate platform allows users to have entire ownership of the properties,providing high liquidity with faster transactions as it is fully automated.

Having full automation working flow, this makes the elimination of third parties involvement. Our experts offer the tailor-made defi real estate platform development services with high coded smart contracts. By having defi in real estate systems, the investment system has gained benefits with better financing options making trading cost lower.

Launch your DeFi Exchange Solution

A decentralized exchange platform is a pathway for trading, start-ups and larger organizations to provide incredible opportunities to drive their business to digital achievement. This platform is developed with a smart contract to automate order matching, transactions, and the flow of funds making it faster, transparent enabling users to have complete control over their digital assets.

We help users to start P2P trading along with a smart contract to execute a trade without an intermediary. We are the best DeFi exchange development company providing roadmaps with purpose-built architectures to launch your decentralized exchange to help you gain income.

Why choose Hivelance for DeFi Development?

hivelance is a leading defi development company that specializes in building end-to-end decentralized finance (DeFi) applications and protocols. We provide complete DeFi development services, from creating smart contracts and deploying them on the Ethereum blockchain to connecting to other protocols, creating a user interface, and more. Our team of experienced DeFi developers are ready to help you build your own DeFi app or protocol that can easily integrate with existing blockchain networks. We also provide custom DeFi solutions to suit your specific needs.

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