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States of matter Gases & Liquids For IIT JEE 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
IIT JEE Preparation
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Updated on 15 February 2020

From the very small classes, we are learning about the states of matter. Three states of matter solid, liquid, and gas have a different connection between all three. When you are learning about the rules of the topic, it is essential to go through gases and liquids. Apart from solid, gases and liquids are two significant matters available in the environment. We have to go through all the characteristics of these topics and with this article you can easily co relate this topic and which will eventually help you to prepare for IIT JEE 2020 Exam

Liquid has a definite volume but no fixed shape as it can take the form of any container in which we hold it. But gases have no exact shape or the quantity. It can increase and decrease, as per the surrounding and changes shape as per the container.

Characteristics of Liquid

  • Liquids are comparatively weaker in intermolecular forces.
  • Even liquid has larger intermolecular spaces than the solid.
  • The motion of the particles of liquid is prolonged then gases but faster than the solids.
  • The particles present in the liquid are very tightly packed than the gases.
  • Liquid has a low density than the solids; therefore, they are compressible.

Characteristics of Gas

  • The intermolecular forces of the gases are negligible.
  • The intermolecular space between the particles of gases is enormous.
  • The speed of the molecules of the gases is breakneck and random.

The units of the gases are very loosely packed and can move anywhere freely.

As the density of the gases is very low than the liquids; therefore, they are highly compressible in comparison to fluids. 

Now we have discussed the essential characteristics, or we can say the difference between gases and liquids. But these are fundamental terms as one has to study the molecular structure of gases and liquids to complete this whole chapter. The molecular structure of the molecules of both gases and liquids are very different. Studying molecular structure will take a lot of time as you have to go through all the compositions given in your books.

Essential aspects of Learning about state of matters


  1. This chapter is related to our environment and surrounding. Therefore reading about this chapter is necessary.
  2. When we start with the chemical equations or any other chapter, the primary thing we have to know is about the states of matter.
  3. Any state of matter present in the environment reacts with each other in one or the other way. Therefore studying them is very important.
  4. well matter and state of matter actually holds very important position in IIT JEE syllabus

Therefore take the help of YouTube tutorials or the online coaching center tutorials. They can help you a lot to learn basic concepts related to any of the chapters. You can also learn from the multiple-choice questions present on those tutorials. IIT exams are essential for all the non-medical students who have a dream to become a successful engineer in the future. So working hard for your goal is not a bad idea. After a few years, your hard work will give you fruitful results.

All The Best To All The IIT JEE 2020 Aspirants !

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