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UPSC Preparation Strategy: DOs and Don’ts

Updated on 10 February 2023
Anuj Jindal
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Updated on 10 February 2023

One of the premium attributes that is required to ace the UPSC CSE exam is a well curated and sorted strategy.

Since the UPSC Syllabus is a mountain to climb, therefore, it is logical for you to make a distinct plan and base your journey as per the plan made.

While you can make your unique strategy but to save your time, I have done that task for you.

In this section, I will be sharing the methodology regarding how to efficiently prepare for UPSC CSE Mains (Commerce & Management Optionals).

DOs and Don’ts:

Let us now come to some Dos and Don’ts for UPSC Commerce and Management Optionals.

While following the preparation strategy you need to be absolutely meticulous and have to continuously keep in check that you are onboard with the strategy. However, as it is a long process, it is easy to take a wrong turn in this impasse. Thus, it is important for you to be aware of certain Dos and Don’ts.

Note: The following dos and don’ts are suggested by IAS Manuj Jindal (2017, AIR. 53).


  1. Study for Mains first then prelims (eventually it all overlaps). You can study for one subject at a time that’s what I preferred because you have to do current affairs regardless every day. Your choice here.
  2. Concepts first, facts later. Don’t get obsessed with small factual questions asked in UPSC right away! If your concepts are clear, facts will be easier to remember.
  3. Focus on larger picture things, then come to smaller facts. This means that learn the story first, then the details.


  1. Get rid of things that don’t help you in your preparation. Stay away from distractions such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Or use them for UPSC related study only.
  2. Don’t pick up random sources, random magazines etc. Don’t read two newspapers, it’s a useless act.


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