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Quick Guide For Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Current - NEET 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
NEET Preparation
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Even though the registration for NEET 2020 will begin from 2nd December 2020, the buzz for NEET prep has already started among the students aspiring for NEET 2020 Exam. Usually, medical aspiring students find Physics to be one of the challenging parts of the examination.

Also, Physics preparation seeks a wide array of numerical problems associated with each of the theoretical concepts.

Both class 11 and class 12 Physics, has equal weightage in NEET examination. Thus, you have to judicially prepare for each of the section in Physics.

Remember scoring good score in Physics will also help you to increase your overall marks. This article will give you an idea of how to prepare for Electromagnetic induction and Optics.

Electromagnetic induction and Alternating Current: This area comes under Current Electricity and Electromagnetic Induction which itself has 17% of weightage in NEET Physics. Out of this Electromagnetic Induction and alternating current has 4% i.e 2 questions.

Though this is a small area and does not have many derivations to focus upon, candidates should still be familiar with the theoretical part. This is because tricky questions related to the phenomenon of Electromagnetic induction or alternating current might puzzle you if you are not well-prepared.

The concept of superconductivity, half-wave or full-wave rectification are other aspects of the topic which one should be familiar with. It is advisable to study the concept first from this chapter and then start solving questions, especially from previous year papers.

Electro-Magnetic Waves: This is a short chapter that comes under ‘Electrostatics and Magnetism’ and it has 1% weightage based on previous year papers.

You can expect 1 question from this part. However, do not leave this chapter untouched at least keep your concept clear on Maxwell’s equation, Electromagnetic Waves Formulas and its properties.

Optics: Have you ever wonder how a rainbow could be so eye-pleasing? This is just where the concept of ‘Optics’ lies. This is one of the vital areas from where 11% of the questions come in Physics paper i.e around 5 questions.

This chapter involves a lot of new formulas and terminologies and there is a wide range of questions that can be asked from anywhere in this area. Study main areas like a reflection from mirrors, refraction through slabs, lens, prism, sphere, details about optical instruments.

Always keep in mind the sign convention while solving numerical related to lens or mirror Problem. From numerical related to multiple optical surfaces always solve unidirectionally, i.e calculate the required value of the previous optical surface before going to the next.

Practice and solve as many problems as you can from the above-mentioned chapters. There are various institutes who can guide you with comprehensive mock tests that would help you to recognize what more you need to prepare.

Categorize all the chapter based on their weight age and understand the topics that are strong or weak. Remember, once you submit your NEET application form your countdown begins. Hence, prioritizing the topics are very important as it would help you to revise most of the chapters.




All The Best To All The NEET 2020 Aspirants!



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