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Hydrocarbons And Their Categories - IIT JEE 2020

Updated on 15 February 2022
IIT JEE Preparation
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Updated on 15 February 2022

Preparing for the IIT exams 2020 is not easy, but the students who are willing to crack the exam for their future will find it easy. The person who is passionate about their future and the work will not delay any task if it is difficult.

IIT JEE main exams are coming soon, and many of the students are preparing different topics of Physics. Students always prefer to learn all the questions in-depth and then interest in memorizing them. So they go to coaching centers, but it becomes hectic to attend the Senior Secondary classes and then the coaching centers lectures. Therefore many online coaching centers are providing the best IIT JEE mains preparatory courses for the students. The essential topic students have to cover in this exam is Hydrocarbons. One has to prepare this topic very precisely as it is one of the chapters of exams. So below, we are going to discuss The topic Hydrocarbons in brief.

It is a long journey of 2 or 2 and half years where you have to face a lot of things while preparing.Therefore you have to make yourself strong enough to prepare well for your exams.

A fundamental unit known as hydrocarbons is the one from which many of the IIT questions will come. 

Hydrocarbons Preparation

  • There are two types of Hydrocarbons known as aliphatic and Aromatic Hydrocarbons.
  • Under aromatic Hydrocarbons, there are 2 compound benzoate and benzenoid.
  • Under aliphatic hydrocarbons, there are alicyclic and cyclic hydrocarbons. And saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  • Alkane comes under saturated hydrocarbons and alkene and alkyne come under unsaturated hydrocarbons.

A Short Defination of All Theses Terms

  • One has to go through the general formula of Alkane along with its SP3 hybridized bonding with the carbon atoms. The hydraulic angle of the Alkane is zero. One also has to go through the preparation of alkanes and their reaction.

  • The chemical properties of alkanes are halogenation, Nitration, combustion, aromatization and oxidation.

  • After that, an alkene is one of the unsaturated hydrocarbons. One has to learn about its double Bond and SP2 hybridization. It has a cycloalkanes structure. One of the similar statement is the stability of the alkene will increase as per the heat of hydrogenation in any reaction.

  • Some of the preparation of alkenes is cracking of Petroleum dehydration of alcohols, dehalogenation of alkyl halides. There are different addition methods like Markovnikov's addition and anti- Markovnikov's addition.

  • After this, Alkane is unsaturated hydrocarbon with the general formula. It has a triple Bond along with SP hybridization. The physical properties of alkynes are similar to that of alkenes.

  • Preparation methods of alkene are D halogenation of Tetra halogen compounds.

  • The chemical property of the alkenes is hydrogenation and hydrohalogenation addition of hydride or oxidation.

Above mentioned are some of the properties physical and chemical of the alkene, alkyne, an alkane.

It is a large unit which we can't cover under one section. We have mentioned all the hydrocarbons and their subcategories.

Go through all the points to know about the terminologies of the chapters. One can go to the online coaching centers to learn more. Get the tutorials and the professionals lecture. One can learn the in-depth terms of this topic.

The preparation will become so easy if you have an interest in doing the same. Therefore, start preparing with your free mind.

So, you can prepare well for it. Exams are coming, and the revisions have to be done thrice before the final date of the same.

All The Best To All The IIT JEE 2020 Aspirants!

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