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Challenges in Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana - UPSC 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Students are preparing for their UPSC 2020 exams. There are many questions which may come. Therefore to make for them, it is essential to go through the current affairs.

As majorly, they are looking for the student who is aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Therefore the current news is the Pradhanmantri Matru Vandana Yojana and the challenges people are facing through it.

The objective is to give relaxation to the woman going to give birth to the first living child. The relaxation and the compensation will be provided in terms of the wages and incentives to the women. It is being done to prevent women from financial loss.

This financial help is being given under this scheme. So, that the pregnant can spend money on their health and care of the baby.

There are some of the issues with every government scheme. Therefore, in this case, also there are some challenges which the women are facing to avail the facilities.

Those challenges are as follows:

  • The biggest challenge of the scheme is that this advantage failed to be availed by 49% of the women who have delivered their first infant.

  • That is, the women's given board to 123 lakh for a child doesn't get the benefit of the scheme.

  • Only the nursing mothers who are attached to this field are getting the advantage. Others are not aware of the scheme yet.

  • The next problem which the women are facing while applying for this scheme is giving bribes. Corruption is being done while allowing women to take advantage of the project. Therefore most of the women go back due to this reason.

  • It is another factor which is a big challenge for the ruler women. The mothers who are not literate enough to fill all the forms are not getting the advantages. A lot of documentation has to be done before applying for the scheme.

  • The scheme is genuinely universal, but still, many of the mothers are not aware of their rights. Therefore it is a challenge for the government to find two mothers to reach each other for taking the benefits.

How can the problem be solved? 

The government needs to go deep inside and check for all the loopholes related to this scheme. Without proper interference from the government, it is impossible to let all the women get the benefits.

Even awareness has to be spread among the women to know about the scheme. Only then they can come to avail of the profits.

The scheme has a lot of loopholes and other things related to it. Therefore according to the resources in IAS 2020 exams, this topic is going to be a significant question.

The examiners are trying to find the best possible loophole in the scheme to give that in the subject. Therefore go to the project and its norms properly. The project is very beneficial for mothers who are giving birth but needs to be modified.

All The Best To All The UPSC 2020 Exam!

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