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Ajanta wall Paintings - UPSC 2020 Exam

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Get ready and prepare yourself with the help of notes on significant themes for the UPSC 2020 common administrations test arrangement.

These notes will likewise be helpful for other focused tests like financial PO, DNA, SSC, state common assistance test, etc. 

  • After Ajanta, not very many locales with compositions have endured. 

  • In numerous spots, models were likewise put and painted. 

  • Case of lateral wall painting custom. 

  • Badami was the capital of the western Chalukyan administration. 

  • This administration controlled the territory from 543 CE to 598 CE. 

  • Chalukya ruler Mangalesha disparaged the removal of the Badami caverns. 

  • Mangalesha was the more youthful child of Pulakesi I and the sibling of Kirtivarman I. 

  • Cavern No. 4 is otherwise called the Vishnu Cave in light of the commitment of the picture of Vishnu. The date 578 – 579 CE is referenced here. 

  • The artistic creations are an expansion of the wall painting custom from Ajanta to Badami in south India serves to IAS 2020 

These specialists of the sixth century CE had the option to make volume by forming various pieces of the face to make jutting structures of the face itself.

All The Best To All The UPSC 2020 Aspirants!

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