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Daily News Analysis of The Hindu(edition Delhi - 26/12/2019 for - UPSC 2020)

Updated on 15 February 2020
UPSC & State PSC
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Updated on 15 February 2020

UPSC Daily news -The Hindu, Dec 26


1. Continued agitation on CAA -


What is this all about:

The continued agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is eliciting many responses from a diverse range of political factions, even as the protests continue in different states.


Here are some of the recent developments:

* PM denounces vandalism amid protests, asks protestors to introspect whether

this path is correct

* UP government issues notices to people in Meerut for damage to property

* Aligarh Muslim University students recount details of police action

* Former Karnataka Chief Minister M Veerappa Moily blames Centre for creating

unnecessary confusion over CAA, NRC, leading to the protests in the first place.

Says there would have been no violence if people had been allowed to protest.

* Media images of NPR are also causing a lot of confusion


What you should know:

Citizenship Amendment Act

National Register for Citizenship

Subsequent protests against CAA, NRC

Supreme Court’s Stance on the matter


2. Thermal Power Stations are stressed


According to a report released by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), ‘Seriously stressed and stranded: The burden of non-performing assets in India’s thermal power sector’, 12 stations are non-performing and many more are headed into the same territory.



Earlier in 2018, the Standing Committee had identified 34 projects as stranded or non-performing assets. This report highlights ‘questionable economics’ behind the way these projects are operating, from their current investment proposals to the heavy costs involved - in terms of coal used and outdated technology.


It also highlights how cost-effective, renewable sources for energy can be used at 30% lower cost to Indian electricity consumers.


What you should know -

India’s power generation mechanisms

Thermal power stations in India

Thermal power vs Hydropower generation in India


3. Vishakhapatnam / Vizag to become executive capital for Andhra Pradesh


What is this all about:

Chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced that Vishakhapatnam would be the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh, one among three for better ease of administration.

The other two capitals would be Amravati as the legislative capital and Kurnool as the judicial capital.



Such a move is aimed to allow decentralisation of power and smoother functioning of the government. It is believed that moving to the city would not be a costly affair as the city has the necessary infrastructure in place.

The move is also hoped to speed up development projects for the port city.


What you should know -

Change of capitals for Andra Pradesh

Division of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

Need for three capital cities


4. Locust invasion in Gujarat:


A massive locust invasion has gripped Northern Gujarat, causing substantial damage to standing crops.

In Banaskantha, one of the areas under attack, the insects have hit crops for groundnut, castor and cotton crops in 87 villages. Sowing had also begun for mustard, cumin and wheat in the region.


As a corrective measure, the government has begun insecticide sprays and are considering preventive measures example,

The people are complaining that these are too little, too late and have gone back to traditional pest control methods like making a lot of noises to stop them.



The swarm of insects means widespread agricultural devastation as they can destroy a standing crop soon.

They are believed to have come from Oman, but got diverted to Northern Gujarat, due to wind directions.


What you should know:

Locust invasions - how do they occur, how deadly are they to the agricultural economy

Hope you find the article helpful for your UPSC2020 exam & we understand the value the value of time as UPSC syllabus for 2020 is so vast,

All the best for UPSC 2020!

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