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Current Affairs 2019-20 Thermal Power Stations are stressed

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Current Affairs will play a major role in all the Upcoming Government Exam 2020, like SSC CGL 2020, UPSC 2020 Etc.

According to a report released by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), ‘Seriously stressed and stranded: The burden of non-performing assets in India’s thermal power sector’, 12 stations are non-performing and many more are headed into the same territory.


Earlier in 2018, the Standing Committee had identified 34 projects as stranded or non-performing assets. This report highlights ‘questionable economics’ behind the way these projects are operating, from their current investment proposals to the heavy costs involved - in terms of coal used and outdated technology.

It also highlights how cost-effective, renewable sources for energy can be used at 30% lower cost to Indian electricity consumers.

What you should know -

India’s power generation mechanisms

Thermal power stations in India

Thermal power vs Hydro power generation in India

All The Best To All the SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants!

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