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Everything About CAIIB Exam

Updated on 25 July 2023
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Updated on 25 July 2023

I am certain that many working professionals like thinking about what their lives may be like if they were given the promotion or pay raise they are striving so arduously for.

A few people also have a strong desire to improve in their particular industries and affect change in the industry in which they work, despite having more duties on their shoulders.

In light of this, the launch of the CAIIB test represents a fantastic opportunity for those who are eager for early career progression and the attractive chances that go along with it, such as income increases, allowances, a greater employment profile, and so on.

CAIIB Full form

CAIIB, or Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers, is its full name. This test is given by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) twice a year. This organization was established in 1928, and since that time, it has supervised more than 700 banks and financial organizations.

CAIIB Exam Overview

As previously stated, the CAIIB test is given twice a year by the IIBF, often in the months of June and December.

Only those applicants who passed the JAIIB test are qualified to take the CAIIB exam.

The CAIIB test is well-known in the banking industry since those who pass can profit from early promotions, pay raises, allowances, and other non-financial advantages.

CAIIB Job Profile

The CAIIB offers the chance for chosen applicants to upgrade their job profile. The obligations and responsibilities given to applicants after passing the test vary depending on the professional's position.

For applicants seeking clerical positions

For instance, a bank clerk's duties may include authenticating papers that customers have provided and checking their veracity. Additionally, the clerks would be in charge of keeping track of valuables like cash and keys.

For those applying for officer positions

A professional who works as a probationary officer at a bank will be given extra tasks such supervising the opening and closure of bank accounts, determining if loan applications are eligible, and maintaining positive client relations.

CAIIB Salary

The salary is the most crucial aspect of the work that test applicants are frequently most curious to learn about. The CAIIB test would doubtless follow the same pattern.

One important component of the exam is the increase in pay offered to applicants who pass the CAIIB examination, which can take the form of salary increases, allowances, bonuses, and other benefits.

CAIIB Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements are one of the most important aspects of any exam application procedure. Candidates must review a few instructions from the IIBF before showing up for the test. You must determine if you fulfill the following requirements before submitting an application for the CAIIB test.

The JAIIB test must have been passed by the candidates.

The candidate must be an IIBF member, which means that they must work for a bank or other financial institution.

CAIIB Exam Pattern

It is advised that candidates go through the exam pattern in a methodical sequence to better comprehend the exam format.

In the case of CAIIB, the exam's format is objective type, and some of the questions on the paper are dependent on numbers.

First off, the CAIIB exam consists of four obligatory papers and one optional examination for which candidates must select one topic from a list provided by the IIBF.

Below are a few key things that you may go through to get a basic idea of the CAIIB test format:

  1. The syllabus comprises 4 mandatory and 1 optional papers in total.
  2. Each paper consists of 100 questions, each worth 100 points.
  3. Each paper has been given a 2-hour time limit to be completed.
  4. No incorrect answers are attempted and given a lower score.

CAIIB Booklist

When it comes to test preparation, I think having a trustworthy yet manageable booklist is half the fight won, and that is specifically the case with the books for the CAIIB exam.

On its website, the IIBF has listed a number of publications that would aid candidates in learning the material included in the curriculum and developing a conceptual knowledge of the subject.

The names of a few of the CAIIB books that the Institute suggests are as follows, and I've listed them below:

Mandatory Subjects

  1. Advanced Bank Management (ABM) Paper I
  2. Bank Financial Management (BFM): Advanced Bank Management 2023, Macmillan Education Paper II
  3. Advanced Business and Financial Management (ABFM), a Macmillan Education Paper III on Bank Financial Management for 2023
  4. Banking Regulations and Business Laws (BRBL): Advanced Business and Financial Management 2023 - Macmillan Education Paper IV
  5. Banking Laws and Regulations 2023 - Macmillan Education

CAIIB Mock Test

Taking practice exams is one of the most reliable ways to determine how effective your preparation is.

Candidates can check out the sample exams for the IIBF CAIIB exam on the institute's website. The applicants' performance would be evaluated and their strengths and shortcomings would be identified if they successfully completed mock examinations.

Additionally, there are other benefits to taking practice exams, including the following:

  1. Learn about the format of the test.
  2. Evaluation of the level of difficulty
  3. Evaluation of the test's accuracy and execution duration
  4. Simple justifications are included with the responses.
  5. based on the most recent exam format.


With this, we have now come to the end of this lengthy but hopefully an informative section. I have discussed all the aspects related to the CAIIB exam with an intention of providing an overall idea regarding the exam. I hope the information given above would prove helpful to enhance your knowledge about the exam. Well, the time has come for me to say a goodbye to you and wish you all the best for future! 

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