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Union Public Service Commission

Updated on 06 September 2023
Anuj Jindal
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Updated on 06 September 2023

UPSC Civil Services Exam is widely considered to be one of the toughest and the most coveted government exams in India. The exam recruits officers for some of the most prestigious services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. 

To provide you an overview of UPSC history, let me take you back into the year of 1923, when under the chairmanship Lord Lee of Fareham, the Royal Commission on superior civil services was set up in India.  

Based on the recommendation of the report submitted by Commission, a Public service Commission having equal number of Indian and British members was established in 1924.  

The key suggestions made by the Lee Commission included 40% of the future entrants to be British, direct recruitment of 40% Indians and promotion from provincial services for 20% Indians.  

The first Public Service Commission, under the chairmanship of Sir Ross Barker, was finally instituted in the year of 1926. But being a mere advisory role body, it faced pressure from leaders of Indian Independence movement.  

This resulted in the establishment of Federal Public Service Commission under Government of India Act 1935, which later became what we know as Union Public Service Commission after getting constitutional status on 26 January 1950 post-independence.    

Coming back to the present times, UPSC CSE is one of the popular exams in the country as lakhs of aspirants apply for it each year.    

Being an IAS officer is a dream that is harbored in the minds of millions of young Indians today with a purpose to accomplish in the field of administration.

UPSC Full Form  

The full form of UPSC is Union Public Service Commission. It conducts an exam on a national level known as CSE which means Civil Service Examination.  

The exam is held to recruit for the various civil service and government posts like IAS which is an abbreviation for Indian Administrative Service.  

UPSC Functions

The institution of UPSC is bestowed with many roles and responsibilities. As per Article 320 of the Indian constitution, the Union Public Service Commission shall conduct examinations for appointments to various posts and services at the Union level.

Some of the other functions of the UPSC include consultation on the following matters: 

  1. On methods of recruiting candidates for various civil services posts 
  2. To make appointments for civil services and other posts.  
  3. Promotion and Transfer of officers from service to another 
  4. Checking the suitability of candidates for such appointments, promotion or transfers 
  5. On taking disciplinary actions against a civil servant serving in a civil capacity including petitions or memorials in such matters.  

In addition to these functions, if requested, the UPSC can also assist two or states in framing and execution of schemes for joint recruitment for any services.  

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