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What is Verbal Reasoning - SSC CGL 2020

Updated on 26 March 2020
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Updated on 26 March 2020

As the name indicates, verbal reasoning is a form of problem-solving which evaluates your ability and skills of understanding and reasoning through problems based around words.

Most of the candidates consider it as difficult section in the competitive exams as it requires a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, a solid grasp of similar words and opposite words, the ability to follow the directions of questions, ability to make logical inferences.

On the contrary, the verbal reasoning is an important contributing part in competitive exams. For instance, a minimum of 6-8 based on verbal reasoning is easily observed in the most prestigious management entrance exam, CAT. Similarly, on average, five questions on verbal ability can be easily observed each time in SSC CGL Exam.  

It generally includes questions on topics like the analogy, statement and conclusion, series, ranking and time sequence, assertion and reasoning, blood relations and more

Verbal analogy:

Analogy defines comparison and verbal analogy means comparison between two similar pairs of verbal content like words and statements.



Syllogism includes two statements followed by conclusions. You need to read the statements and based on your understanding, you need to check the validity of the given conclusion.


Statement and argument:

This pattern of questions includes statements and arguments. Statements can be based on any general, political, cultural, social, economical topic followed by strong and weak arguments. Strong arguments generally related to a universal fact or a solid, legal condition, true experience, judgment. A weak argument can be opinion-based, simple, or ambiguous.



Blood Relations:

You need to find the relationship between two individuals based on the information on their relations with other family members.


Alphabet test: 

You need to find out the alphabet, the position of alphabet, number of alphabets between alphabets in alphabetical order.



Three to five questions come on this topic in various competitive exams and placement papers. It includes questions on rank from right or left order, total number of people, number of people between two persons, and more. 


Sitting arrangement:

As the name indicates, you need to find out the sitting order of people after fulfilling all the given conditions. Arrangement can be of three orders including, linear, circular, and rectangular


Arrange people (facing North) in the following order 

Arrange people (facing South) in the following order 



Hope you find the above tips helpful. For more such tips and resources on verbal reasoning, visit study24x7.com.


All The Best To All The SSC CGL 2020 Aaspirants !


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