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Crack the SSC CGL Exam in your first attempt! | Things You Should Need To Know | SSC CGL 2020

Updated on 15 February 2020
SSC Preparation Strategies & S
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Updated on 15 February 2020

When a candidate is sitting for the SSC CGL exam for the first time, it becomes essential to get the loopholes to crack it in the first attempt. Many of the candidates are preparing for the exam and still not being able to crack it. 

But here we will discuss a few essential things that will help you to develop the excellent skills for cracking the SSC exam in the first attempt.

The first thing that one has to do is to make the SSC CGL 2020 strategy for preparing the whole syllabus. It is not going to be a simple journey, but the efforts of the candidate can make it very smooth.

One has to make a proper routine for clearing this exam this year. Here we will help you to make a proper daily routine. Now, check all the practices that you have to do for cracking this exam in your first attempt.


Make a proper study plan:

It will be your first step to make an SSC CGL strategy by categorizing the entire subject. One has to revise and has to cover a topic of each Sub-topic from all the questions.

Going simultaneously and learning all the questions will help you to learn better. The proper study plan will be prepared after knowing the syllabus for your exam. So first you have to understand the syllabus for SSC CGL 2020 exam.

It will help you to learn in a better way for the exam. The object for making this SSC CGL 2020 strategy is to study appropriately.

Learn through previous year exam papers:

Students can get a lot of ideas to prepare by going through the last year's exam papers. Please go through all the questions and try to solve them.

It will help you to know your weakness and where you are lacking. Afterwards, you can practice as per the SSC CGL 2020 syllabus. One can apply for an online test on various websites. The Mock test will help you to prepare for the final exam of Tier 1 in March.

The maximum questions in the test are related to the previous year papers or the essential topics of the exam. So, enrol yourself with the best website providing material for the preparation of the SSC CGL exam 2020.

Read the newspapers or e-newspaper.

We know that due to a hectic life schedule, it becomes difficult to sit and read the newspaper daily. But, one can download e-newspapers from online websites.

The websites are also sharing the daily updates and the essential news on the sites. The report related to all the current affairs as per the SSC cgl 2020 syllabus. Hence, we also suggest the students be aware of the surroundings and the things happening in our country.

Government schemes and the new launches are one of the best parts of all the current affairs for the students to prepare well. The examiner wants to check whether you are interested in the work done by government organizations or not.

Write down the essential notes for future use:

Yes, this is another necessary task for the students. While preparing from various online websites, write down the important terms.

It will help you to revise. Always go through the notes every week to review the syllabus simultaneously.

The records will also help you to do the last-minute review before the exam date. Collecting the notes from various articles on the only websites will also help you to get the best collection for preparation. And, this will become the best SSC CGL 2020 strategy for the students.

Work on your weaknesses:

Yes, while preparing, you will find out that many topics confuse you. Hence, making them is essential. It is your weakness, and you know where you are lacking.

Therefore, get the best medium to work on your weakness. Some experts can help you out on online websites, and you can get your queries solved under their guidance. Even, they can help you to make the best strategy for the upcoming SSC exams.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the details and five explained steps that will help you to make the study plan. The strategy has to be good enough to help you with your various subjects.

Important dates for the exam:

The dates for the SSC CGL 2020 are as follow:

  • Tier - I Exam from 2nd March to 11th March 2020, 
  • Tier-II Exam from 22nd June 2020 to 25th June 2020.

These are the tentative days for the exam, rest the final update will be updated on the portal of SSC very soon. Students are eagerly waiting for the last updates is that they can fix their schedules accordingly. 

Make the plan that will take you towards growing heights:

Every student who is preparing for this exam wants to crack the exam in the first attempt. Hence, if you are a similar kind of person the now you have to make your first attempt the last effort by cracking it.

Try to cover the essential topics first whose chances are more to come in the exam. Divide the time into all the subjects precisely. Time management is the skill that one has to learn to clear this exam. Proper time management and preparation of all the topics before time is the key to success.

"Comment below to know about any specific topic of the exam. Ask for the queries or if you want any notes on any complicated problem. We will help you by uploading that syllabus"

The online medium is the best medium to get any information shortly. Even we always try to find out the best ways for the students by which they can prepare. Wasting time every year is not worthy. So, crack the SSC CGL this year in your first attempt. Show that the preparation is effortless if you are willing to do it in the right direction.

All The Best To All the SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants !

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