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SSC CGL 2020 preparation strategy | Topic-wise Detailed Information

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

Our dear students are preparing for the SSC exam from last year. After the tentative dates we're out for SSC CGL 2020 notification tier 1 the preparation gets its peak. Almost one and a half month left for Tier 1.

The training has to be on track as time is less. Clearing the SSC exam in your first attempt is not a very big task, but the thing you have to do is to prepare from the starting.

The last few months are just for the revision from the notes that you have prepared. Please don't try to do any new topic in the previous 2 months because the syllabus is vast. 

Now, here you will get to know various things about the topic-wise preparation:

Why is the reasoning question essential?

The reasoning part of the syllabus is added to judge the capability of the student. The exam candidates are giving is to get a sophisticated government job in any sector. Hence, many times during their job hours,

one has to face the situations. Here they have to solve the matter. So, the reasoning part helps the examiner to check the capability of the candidate that how will they tackle the difficult situations.

These questions help an individual to increase the general intelligence. 

The capability of working under pressure is essential. And making the decision is the one thing that has to be learnt by all. 

Guidelines for reasoning questions:

  • 25 General Intelligence & Reasoning questions of 2 marks each. Here, the test of your mind will be judged by your answers.
  • 25 General Awareness questions of 2 mark each. It includes all the things happening around us in the country. Your GK will be tested at this part.
  • After this, 25 questions of Quantitative Aptitude, will be there carrying two marks each.
  • The essential thing that examiner will judge is your English standards. Hence, 25 English Language and Comprehension questions will be there carrying two marks each.

All the questions are multiple-choice questions, and hence it becomes easy for the student to select the answer. But, remember one thing the choices are so related given in the options that you will get confused. So, prepare for this section as it carries a lot of advantages.

Syllabus of General Intelligence and Reasoning Section

Chapter: 1 (Series)

Types of questions:

  • Analogy (both word-based and numerical)
  • Odd pair (both word-based and numerical)
  • Classification
  • Missing characters

Chapter 2:  (Coding)


Types of questions:

  • Coding-Decoding (Ex - NAME is written as GFDN then MEAN written as...)
  • Symbols
  • Mathematical Operations

Chapter 3:  (Arrangement)


Types of questions:

  • Seating arrangement (Linear and Circular)
  • Blood relations
  • Ranking
  • Puzzles
  • Direction Sense

Chapter 4: (Logic)

Types of questions:

  • Syllogism
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Assumption or Inference or Conclusion

Chapter 5: (Miscellaneous)

Types of questions:

  • Clock
  • Calendar

Chapter 6: (Non-Verbal)

 Types of questions:

  • Cube and dices(predicting colours or numbers on the faces of the object)
  • Sequence of figures
  • Matrix (Finding missing numbers or letters)
  • Paper-cutting, folding, punching
  • Mirrors and water reflection
  • Configuration, fitting pieces, odd pieces, etc.


All the above-given chapters are essential for any candidate. Prepare all the sections thoroughly by taking the help of online sites. They are the best source for the preparation of the exam. 

The updated information and syllabus is on the internet. One can take the help of all the websites to prepare the notes.

Each topic has a few questions in the exam. The SSC cgl 2020 preparation strategy must carry these topics of reasoning questions. 


How to score good marks in reasoning question?


In Tier 1 of SSC exam, the maximum weight-age is of reasoning questions. The examiner is judging you mainly on two bases. First one is your English and grammatical knowledge, and the second one is your thinking & decision making capability.

One must focus on below-given five things:


  1. Practice the Logical skills to get the right answer. Please don't answer without thinking logically on a practical basis. One has to analyze the situation practically and then has to provide the final solution.
  2. Practice the concepts. To clear this exam, one has to go through all the ideas precisely. It is essential to get an in-depth knowledge of all the topics for any student. It will help you to answer correctly.
  3. Go through the last year questions as they will help you to know the essential topics. Many topics are similar and repeated by moulding the problem a little. Hence, get these question papers and start analyzing the questions and the pattern examiner is following. 
  4. The assumption with logical is harmful. Please don’t guess anything. Try to research and read about the topic from eh online websites while making your SSC cgl 2020 preparation strategy. It will help you a lot to find the right answer.
  5. A proper strategy for the exam while preparing will be the best to crack it in your first attempt. When the student qualifies for the exam, the plan, they are going to follow plays a vital role like this could decide whether you are in the right direction or not. Hence, prepare a study plan from the first day.


Therefore, the above given all the subjects are essential to crack the exam. Those students are trying to be on the right path always clear the exam in just first attempt. Hence, if you are one of them try to do the same.


In the end, we can say that tentative SSC cgl 2020 notification tier 1 is out, and now look forward to preparing in the best direction. One can take the help of many of the online websites. They have the best plans for the students. These plans will help the students to prepare well for the exams.

Above we have discussed why reasoning questions are so crucial for the students. The preference examiner gives to the logical thinking of the candidate is a lot. So, be ready and prepare in a similar way to get the fruitful results once the results of Tier 1 comes.

All The Best To All The SSC CGL 2020 Aspirants !

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