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The Ultimate Guide To Cracking The Quantitative Aptitude Section

Updated on 15 February 2020
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Updated on 15 February 2020

It is a dream of many of individuals across India to become Scale-I officers in the leading public sector banks. This dream can only be realized by appearing for IBPS-Clerk paper. 

Lakhs of people appear in the IBPS examination to fill in thousands of vacancies. This is how fierce the competition is! However, your smart steps towards cracking each section of the banking exam can help you in remaining amongst the top students. 

In this article, we are going to list down the steps and tricks that can help you in cracking the quant section of any of the banking exams 2020. So without wasting any time, let’s dive into it!

First of all, you should know which are the topics/areas that you need to ace in order to be a master of quants. Our experts at have broken down the whole exam pattern, and this is what they got:

 • Data Interpretation – 5-10 questions on an average - These questions are easy to solve if you have a

logical bend of mind. 

 • Number Series – 5 questions on an average - The key to cracking these questions is to solve them

in 20 seconds. 

 • Simplification & Approximation – 5 questions - If you are quick with calculations and mental

maths, then this is a very easy set of questions to crack.

 • Quadratic equation – 5 questions - Know the meaning of certain symbols and words in the

question, and these hacks will help you in solving quadratic equations quite simply.

The above data indicates that you need to be an expert in these sections to score better in the quant part. An average of 20-25 questions can be cracked this way.

Moving ahead, now, when you know where your concentration should be, here are specific topics that you can start with in order to secure your Quantitative Aptitude Section. 

1. Ratio and Proportion

2. Averages

3. Time and Work

4. Speed, Distance and time

5. Mixture and allegation Stocks and shares

6. Percentages

7. Partnership

8. Clocks

9. Volume and Surface Area

10. Bar & Graphs

11. Line charts

12. Tables

Yes, we understand that the list is exhaustive but here are some tips that can help you ace the quant section of the banking exam 2020 with minimum efforts:

1. Stop using the calculator. You can surely go for the abacus and mental maths classes, that will

help you in improving your overall mathematical/calculative capabilities.

2. Download and solve test papers from credible sources like so that you do not

waste your time on materials that are not helpful.

3. Make it a point to prepare notes of various formulas and tricks so that you can revise them daily.

4. Download apps to play exam related quizzes to improve your efficiency in solving different

types of questions.

5. Make a timetable and stick to it so that you do not have to spend hours in planning your study

routine every day.

That is all from our end. If you wish to get your hands on more resources, then log on to To know more about banking exams syllabus and banking exams 2020 dates, stay tuned to our upcoming blogs!

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